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EIRP proceedings containing the works of the International Conference on European Integration - Realities and Perspectives, bring together all the submitted and presented contributions, providing a conclusive and accessible view to all who wish to feel the beat of research. You will have direct access to a focused group of key people working and researching in the area. The conference is international, offering to researchers the opportunity of showing their works across the world.

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  • Managerial Communication in the Context of Organizational Change

    The hypothesis from which we start in initiating our approach is that according to which managerial communication is an important tool to change an organization's strategy. Our purpose is to argue in favor of the fact that this type of communication contributes significantly to adjusting the attitudes and changing behaviors of the organization members. In the context of change, managerial communication should be transformative, in order to ensure the adaptation of the organization to a new extra-organizational environment, which is, in turn, towards a significant change. What we intend to highlight is the fact that communicative interaction must occur at all levels and to be forceful, visionary and empathetic, to maintain wellness in the organization, as the essential element of the org...

  • Paradoxes of Sustainable Development within European Integration

    In these days, more and more attention in being paid to environment and ecology protection. Political, social and economic actions are much better seen, when decisions are taken in harmony with the natural environment. People began to realize the importance of the environment, they began to appreciate the actions of those, who do care about, and condemn those who don?t. Sustainable development is defined as "the right to meet the development aspirations of the present generation, without limiting the rights of future generations" (Smith & Rees, 1998, p. 23). So, the current economic development should not affect, adversely, the economic development of future generations. Environment destruction and, the endless and only sometimes, use of scarce natural resources, without any thoughts, b...

  • The Constitutive Content on the Offense of Leaving Post and Working under the Influence of Alcohol or other Substances according to the New Criminal Code

    Within the paper it is examined the constitutive content of the offense on leaving post and the presence to work under the influence of alcohol or other substances according to the new criminal code entered into force on 01.02.2014. The novelty consists in the examination performed in the light of the new amendments and completions to the law, and the comparative analysis with the old law, considering the transitional situations involving the more favorable application of the criminal law. The paper can be useful to law students, academics and practitioners in the field, and all those interested in the new legislative amendments occurred in the Romanian criminal law, in this area.

  • The search of a new logic of public administration reforms: the case of metropolitan areas in Italy

    The aim of this paper is to formulate some recommendations for the currently undergoing reform of Italian metropolitan areas. This case is particularly relevant since it clearly represents how, even if expected by law, reforms might not happen on the implementation side. We draw the recommendations from some basic assumptions of the collaborative governance model. Recommendations deal with the development of a systemic, collaborative and leadership oriented view of reforms. Indeed, reforms should be intended not only as a legislative process, but also as a complex change management process characterized by the decisive role of the human factor.

  • Constructivist Pedagogy and Alternative Teaching Methods for Intercultural Education

    Our research proposes to underline the role of the constructivist pedagogy in the formative accomplishing of the intercultural education objectives, starting from the premise that the intuitive learning and the use of active-participative teaching-learning methods cover in a greater measure this discipline?s cognitive, affective and psychomotor dimensions. The research design is made up of: 2 homogenous lots of intentionality composed of 70 and 60 students. There were used quantitative and qualitative research methods: structured questionnaire, semi-structured interview, focus-group method, evaluative techniques and statistics applied on a 2 years period. The discovery theory applied in teaching and learning increases the acknowledgement degree regarding the existence of ethnic groups a...

  • Reflections on the Child Born with Unknown Parents and the Adoption Institution

    After reading statistics from the adoption domain we have discovered that, in the recent years, the number of abandoned children in health care facilities has increased, therefore two questions arise: do the changes in adoption favor adopting a child born of unknown parents?; is there a link between the abandonment of children subsequently registered as born from unknown parents and adoption? In this material we will answer to these questions, based on the reality of figures and the interpretation of the legislation in the field.

  • Social communication between Traditional and the New Mass-Media

    The means of communication, from the most simple and natural ones - such as gestures and voice, to the most complex and developed ones - such as the new electronic media, have constantly brought changes to the society, their own transformation being due to the social environment that generated them. Nowadays, the new media - being in a rapid development unprecedented in the past - is giving new insights of communication and learning to the younger generations which, unlike those formed by elder people, manage to quickly assimilate the changes that occur. The purpose of this article is to provide a framework for public institutions for a better interaction with citizens. It shows the literature that focuses on social media statistics. At the end of our study, it is necessary to refer aga...

  • E-Health Standards - Austria Case Study

    Today information systems for digital documentation and communication are used by many actors within their area of activity. However, an integrated care requires a multi-agency standardized communication in which the individual patient plays the main part. As already made investments in ICT numerous health facilities, it is urgently necessary to make rapid appropriate requirements to ensure that longterm system interoperability is guaranteed. The e-Health strategy aims to support the accuracy of decisions on future investments in ICT. Objectives: The purpose of this article is to provide an example of an e-health system from a European country. Approach This article shows the initiative of Austria to implement e-health being consistent with initiatives undertaken at EU level - eEurope 2...

  • Tax Evasion, an Integral Part of Corruption

    State budget is considered to be the instrument of achieving social and economic objectives, with the ability to mediate its subsidies and tax incentives. Lack of funds, which are part of budget income, leads to incapacity of achieving the state duties, and this is the result of taxpayers avoiding to pay taxes. The need for delimitation between unlawful and lawful tax avoidance makes it useful to estimate the size of the phenomenon on its two forms of expression and raise awareness among political and administrative decision makers, in order to search and determine appropriate methods to limit and combat the phenomenon.

  • The impact of external public audit on the budget deficit

    Objectives: Public imbalances can cause extensive problems both on public finances and economy. Regardless of the constitution and destination of funds it is absolutely necessary to verify their correct accounting, collection type and expense in accordance with applicable regulations, and if due attention is paid to obtain an optimal balance between resources and results. Therefore it is useful to study the role of public audit in the formation and use of public funds to indicate its impact on the budget balance. Prior Work: This paper presents the evolution of synthetic budgetary indicators during 2010 - 2013 and the impact that the external public audit had on the budget deficit. Approach: In order to highlight the importance and necessity of public audit activity it has been analyzed...

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