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EIRP proceedings containing the works of the International Conference on European Integration - Realities and Perspectives, bring together all the submitted and presented contributions, providing a conclusive and accessible view to all who wish to feel the beat of research. You will have direct access to a focused group of key people working and researching in the area. The conference is international, offering to researchers the opportunity of showing their works across the world.

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  • Delimitation of Public Property. The Correlation Public Property-Public Domain

    The implementation of Law no. 287/2009 on the Civil Code (through Law No. 71/2011) imposed a new scope of the matter, as by this normative act an important part of the Law no. 213/1998, which until that date was considered to be the main regulation, derogating from the common law, intended for the legal regime applicable to public property. In this respect, it was questioned the reasons of regulating public property by the New Civil Code, which, in Art. 2 par. (1) establishes the subject matter of this normative act: "The provisions of this Code regulate the patrimonial and non-patrimonial relations between persons as subjects of civil law". The controversies in the doctrine, as well as the "parallelisms, the inconsistencies and the contradictions between the different normative acts in the field of property" have led to the inclusion in the Government Decision no. 196/2016 for the approval of the preliminary theses of the draft of Administrative Code an chapter on the exercise of the public and private property right of the State and of the administrative-territorial units

  • Some aspects of partnership between state, business and education in training of specialists

    The aim and the objective of the work is to research the problems of effectiveness of educational processes through the use of partnerships between state, business and education; the research is based on the model "Triple Helii?" by Ickowic and on the situational-production model proposed by the author which describes the relationship between participants (state, business and education) of the partnership; the final conclusions were made on the basis of: the conducted case studies in the partnership field (economic and socio-economic aspects were considered), the mathematical model of complex systems modeling, the models of knowledge representation and the questioning of participants of partnerships; the development of system of specialists' training for business (by example transport companies) will enable the network structure of educational, crewing and consulting firms to provide educational services, to ensure availability of training for the general population; the interaction of the training' system and raising the level of managerial staff of state and non-state structures; the proposed approach to develop a system of training for business enterprises on the basis of the partnership between state, business and education is used in the appropriate author's computer system of support for the adoption of managerial decisions on personnel training for transport enterprises

  • The Importance of Communication and Information Securement. Cambridge Analytica Case

    This paper aims to emphasize the role of securing communication and information in the 21st century as an answer to the issue of globalization. The new concept of Enterprise Intelligence aims to manage the information flow. This represents an umbrella for the countless information solutions based on IT for a better order, structuring and accessing of internal information flow, of working flows, and of management information systems backed by tools

  • Evading Removal Measures on the Romanian Territory According to the Romanian Law

    Motivated by the lack of this incrimination in the 1969 Criminal Code, in this paper we have proceeded in examining the offense of evading removal measures in the country. In the paper we have considered the examination of the pre-existing elements of the offense, of its constitutive content, as well as of the legislative precedents. We also considered the examination of the similarities and differences between the two texts, which are absolutely necessary in the application of the more favorable criminal law in transitory situations. The novelties concern both the examination of the constitutive content of the offense and the comparative examination of the two crimes. The work may be useful to the university environment as well as practitioners in this field

  • State-Society Relations And The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    It has been argued that president Donald Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as the ethernal capital of Israel lead to a complete freezing of an Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Judging by the internal dynamics of both actors, the prospects of an agreement, established on mutual agreed land swaps, have long been diminished. The theory of neoclassical realism, based on the frame structure by Norrin Ripsman, Jeffrey Taliaferro and Steven Lobell, provides the mechanism for conceptualizing the factors influencing decisions on this subject. In such a complex regional envinroment, the external stimuli, translated through an intervening variable, has a causal effect on the dinamics of reconciliation. Thus, the range of domesticlevel arrangements can interweave responses to systemic and sub-systemic pressure and have a significant impact on the strategic behavior of a decision factor. This study analyses the determinants of state-society relations, both in Israel and the Palestinian Territories, underlining the way they had conditioned domestic leaders' foreign policy options before and after Trump's decision. The paper aims to indicate which of these interactions have causal potential in order to include them inside an explanatory scheme that highlights the current freezing status of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process

  • Et in Arcadia ego. A Semiotic Exercise regarding the Relation between Text and Image

    In this paper I aim at examining the way in which a famous Latin phrase, Et in Arcadia ego, modified its meaning due to a homonymous painting made by Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665), a French painter. Initially, the respective Latin phrase may have had the function of explaining or even generating Poussin's painting (in its both variants). However, those who interpreted the meaning of the painting also reinterpreted the inscription inserted in the image and gave it a new meaning. That is why, nowadays, the phrase Et in Arcadia ego is used and understood exclusively in its latter meaning, and not in its original meaning. In my analysis, I will start from both Roland Barthes' remarks concerning the relation between language and image, and Erwin Panofsky's commentaries regarding Poussin's painting, Et in Arcadia ego

  • An Analysis of the Production Leader in the Stackelberg Model

    The paper analyzes the situation of a duopoly in which each competitor does not have complete information about the role assumed by the other

  • The Roots of French and German Anti-Americanism
  • Organizational and Operational Management in Mass Control

    The nature, complexity and scale of crisis situations, as well as the organization of crisis response interventions or associated responsibilities, require the planning and deployment of prevention actions and, in particular, post-event in all environments, in a unique management and coordination system. In order for the intervention structures to perform their missions, they must have a common, simple planning and execution framework capable of synchronizing the actions of the entities within each category of intervention forces into standard multifunctional operating procedures. The modernization and efficiency of the intervention structures for the control of the behavior of persons, groups and multitudes is achieved by harmonizing the internal legislation with Community and international humanitarian law, improving the independent preventive-action and managerial forms, and procedures in cooperation with other state institutions and the improvement of international police cooperation. Social situations exert significant control over human behavior. The actions and reactions of the individual to the stimuli in a particular social environment are determined by the forces and constraints specific to that environment to a much greater extent than would be expected if only the intimate personality of the person concerned were to be considered. Even aspects that seem trite, insignificant, can cause major changes in the behavior of people in a particular social situation

  • An Alternative to the Electre Method

    The paper proposes an alternative of the Electre method consisting in replacing the concordance and discordance coefficients with continuous utility functions

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