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EIRP proceedings containing the works of the International Conference on European Integration - Realities and Perspectives, bring together all the submitted and presented contributions, providing a conclusive and accessible view to all who wish to feel the beat of research. You will have direct access to a focused group of key people working and researching in the area. The conference is international, offering to researchers the opportunity of showing their works across the world.

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  • The Need of the European Public Prosecutor's Office in the Context of Strengthening the Integration

    In this research we intend to have an objective analysis on the necessity of establishing within the European Union an institution with the role of tracking, investigating prosecuting criminal cases on union funds fraud. Based on the annual losses estimated to hundreds of millions of euros on which there are suspicions of fraud and the success rate of the prosecutions concerning the offenses against the EU budget, which varies considerably from one Member State to another (while the EU average is only 42.3 %), the European Commission, as the institution responsible for implementing policies and spending the EU funds proposed the establishment, starting from 1st January 2015, of the European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO) as union body for protecting these funds effectively and consis...

  • The Transition and Integration of the Albanian Economy in the EU

    constitutes a special valuable experience that would be relevant for the present and future development processes of economic market in general. Albania's experience in this regard carries two salient features in the path of Euro-Atlantic integration. First of all, the transition and economic integration in the EU began from scratch without inheriting any element or experience of the market economy and democratic culture; secondly, it began as a radical process conceived as "shock therapy", which excludes a graduated process; thirdly, it started out as a political process driven by upward and will continue as such until its completion. The created elements of market economy and democratic culture are going on in parallel w...

  • Progress of Fulfilment of the Kyoto Objectives by the European Union

    Climate change is one of the most important challenges that humanity faces in the 21st century, which is seriously considered by the European Union. In this context, the objective of this paper is to analyze the extent to which the EU has fulfilled its obligations in the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol, and also to expose the obligations stipulated for the second period (2013-2020). The approach is to display in the first part of the work the fulfillment by the European Union of the Kyoto objectives, and in the second part, to analyze the successful implementation in the EU of the flexible mechanisms provided through the Protocol.

  • Security In The Extended Black Sea Region As A Means Of Further European Integration

    The objective of this paper is to highlight the importance of the security aspect in today‘s international relations scene, through the eyes of the European Union and put emphasis on the micro-level of security in order to achieve a higher level of security, at a macro-level. This paper relates to other work in this field by the fact that it raises up serious questions about european integration through the security aspect. The approach used in this paper was mainly a observational one, trying to point out the strong and weak points of the european system and to sketch out a possible direction for further european integration. The results, or conclusion of this paper is that integration can be achieved in the security department at a higher level by firstly doing so at a micro-level, in...

  • Elements of Comparative Law on Extended Confiscation

    Comparing the special seizure and extended confiscation measures, we consider that Romania, although later than the deadline indicated in the text of article 6, paragraph 3 of Decision 2005/212/JAI, has responded positively to the requirements of harmonization of national legislation with EU legislation. We believe, however, that this regulation on extended seizure has the effect of limiting the requirements of seizure of goods through crime, practically limiting the application of seizure in respect of goods originating from committing offenses.

  • Social Risk Management on german labour market

    Terms such as social policy and labor market policies seem not be very current. Instead, we speak more and more about risk management. Social Risk Management is a concept developed by the Word Bank. It is a tool to transfer management techniques from the operating or finance in the social and labor market policy, to support individuals, households and communities to better manage their risk. Due to poor incentive structures, inadequate insurance policies or control often remain under preventive, palliative and solidarity balancing risk management measures. This paper sets out to define the term of social risk management, describing the basic features from different perspectives and the main measures and strategies used in social risk management area. The essay considers the most discuss...

  • The Approach of the Muslim 'Other' in the Western Media

    The images of the other can be found everywhere in the Western civilization and undoubtedly, they have become part of the discourse of colonization. It must be admitted that the encounters between the Western world and the Islam have produced a portrayal of the Islamic religion and Muslim culture mostly in negative, unfair and self-serving ways. Considering that the literature approaching these stereotypes is quite comprehensive, this paper analyses why the Western world has always shown negative images of the Islam and Muslims. The Western image-makers, such as the religious leaders, political institutions and mass-media render the portraits of Muslims in both funny and cruel ways. All these images of the Other seem to have served important goals throughout the history of Western civil...

  • How Do Leaders Shape the World - Intelligence Role

    Living in the Era of constant change and anticipated movements seems to remain the struggling of working out the perfect global strategy, based on both well-developed cooperation skills and most of all, the supreme power conquer. The change from one domain to the other, one alliance to another, every single country comes as no surprise when the big reveal is made - whether going for an increased level of massdestruction weapons or just a simple deception that is due to put down an entire civilization, leaders are the ones to be held responsible when bad things occur. History shows us how easily deception can be made, and how easily a poor-developed country can actually gain power over a twice as much developed one. Those days, collaboration among cultures and countries is imminent, with...

  • Rights and Restrictions of EU Citizens within the Freedom of Movement of Persons

    This Paper aims at presenting the risks and advantages of being a citizen of the European Union Member State/s, with respect to the Freedom of Movement of Persons, with focus on the Principle of Equality and Anti- Discrimination, as enshrined by the Treaties and other incident legislative acts, at first, and then as applied by the European Court of Justice via its established case law. Moreover, the two indicated Principles are quintessential when it comes to the rights pertaining to EU citizens, and therefore other Freedoms are interpreted in the light of Equality and Anti- Discrimination, e.g. Services, Capital etc. Regardless if one is a worker, a student or just someone who wishes to exercise his/her rights as an EU citizen in other capacities, it is highly desirable to understand t...

  • Diagnosis of the Viability of Industrial Companies with Treasury Sensitivity Coefficient

    Generally, the firm viability can be defined as the ability to ensure a profitable activity in terms of financial equilibrium. Therefore, estimation of viability can be achieved by determining specific profitability and equilibrium indicators to determine the extent to which the economic surplus released by the company's activity, manages, depending on the particularities of the economic and financial structures set up, to turn into cash. This happens because profitability alone is not sufficient to ensure the financial soundness of the company.

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