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EIRP proceedings containing the works of the International Conference on European Integration - Realities and Perspectives, bring together all the submitted and presented contributions, providing a conclusive and accessible view to all who wish to feel the beat of research. You will have direct access to a focused group of key people working and researching in the area. The conference is international, offering to researchers the opportunity of showing their works across the world.

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  • Rights and Restrictions of EU Citizens within the Freedom of Movement of Persons

    This Paper aims at presenting the risks and advantages of being a citizen of the European Union Member State/s, with respect to the Freedom of Movement of Persons, with focus on the Principle of Equality and Anti- Discrimination, as enshrined by the Treaties and other incident legislative acts, at first, and then as applied by the European Court of Justice via its established case law. Moreover, the two indicated Principles are quintessential when it comes to the rights pertaining to EU citizens, and therefore other Freedoms are interpreted in the light of Equality and Anti- Discrimination, e.g. Services, Capital etc. Regardless if one is a worker, a student or just someone who wishes to exercise his/her rights as an EU citizen in other capacities, it is highly desirable to understand t...

  • Diagnosis of the Viability of Industrial Companies with Treasury Sensitivity Coefficient

    Generally, the firm viability can be defined as the ability to ensure a profitable activity in terms of financial equilibrium. Therefore, estimation of viability can be achieved by determining specific profitability and equilibrium indicators to determine the extent to which the economic surplus released by the company's activity, manages, depending on the particularities of the economic and financial structures set up, to turn into cash. This happens because profitability alone is not sufficient to ensure the financial soundness of the company.

  • Contemporary Globalization, the Transition from Border to Integration

    In a new global economy, which is in a constant growth, more companies or nations are in a position to export their own business model, searching for new markets, more favorable production costs, or diffent strategies leading to performance. This paper does not clame an exhaustive analysis, the aim is to capture some aspects of the comtemporany realities, because most of the aspects of the globalization can be passed throgh a cultural register. As a reference model, we used Locke?s consensual inductive system, which involves the collections of opinions of specialist in the field with objective positions.

  • Puppets and Puppeteers

    Manipulation. A word with such a special echo that exceeds the boundaries of semantics, creating rumor and scenarios which are more or less whimsical, with a pregnant whiff of conspiration. Passing through the scientific-psychological essential aspects, we reach the coup de grace: from the manipulation of the masses, through the culture of mediocrity, to the much debated manipulation through the use of mass media. We do not strictly treat the psychology of large groups, neglecting the individual. Thus, we will tangentially walk the path of Intelligence. How are these strings pulled? Who are the puppeteers and how can we become them?.

  • Judicial Functions in the Criminal Trial

    The separation of judicial functions falls, indisputably, in the news gallery of the Romanian criminal trial current rules. The previous Criminal Procedure Code, namely that of 1968, as well as the older ones, hadn?t enrolled in their content such a principle. However, the doctrine identified, under mentioned legal regulations, the existence of distinct procedural functions and their need to separate, in the idea of genuine criminal justice accomplishment. These procedural functions were: the indictment function (or charges), the defense function the trial function. In the new code, this principle proclaims the existence of four judicial functions that aim the efficiency and speed of the criminal trial, but also guarantee the presumption of innocence, equal opportunity of parties, prote...

  • Utilization of European funds in the Public Administration. Study Case - Galati County Council

    The main objectives of this paper are to reveal some aspects regarding European funds? utilization, starting with the comprehension of EU philosophy regarding cohesion policy and emphasizing the important role played by Structural and Cohesion Funds for public administration, especially in times of economic downturn when the financial resources are difficult to access. Prior Work: this work continues prior research carried out for the "European Programs and Projects Management" MA thesis. Approach: The main methods employed for capturing the research evidence consists in management strategies analysis in the public administration, especially in studying the capacity of absorption of European funds in the case Galati County Council. The main results of this paper show that the risks of a...

  • Communication in Multinational Companies and the Role of Developing Countries

    The developpement of world economy generated the apparition of big multinational companies that implement their activities at global level. This generates new working and communication methods and procedures designed to take advantage of the current context. Nevertheless few authors really analyzed the effects and evolutions producced by them. Our paper will therefore try to illustrate the new relations and concepts that appear within multinational companies by analyzing how the headquarter and the subsidiaries are communicating by pointing out the effects of different variables. A special point will be given to the national dimension of the subsidiaries and especially to those in developping countries in order to identify the position of the managers and the local structures in the mul...

  • The Execution of Criminal Fine Penalty

    This paper aims at dissecting the criminal provisions on criminal enforcement of fines in current Romanian criminal law with the goal of highlighting the new penal policy stated in the larger field of criminal penalties. In the new Criminal Code the fine penalty experience a new regulation, but also a wider scope compared to the Criminal Code from 1968, with an exponential growth of the number of offenses or variations of them, for which a fine may be imposed as a unique punishment, but, especially, as an alternative punishment to imprisonment. Consequently, to ensure the efficiency of this punishment, the effective enforcement manner of the fine takes a new dimension. The study aims both students and academics or practitioners in the making. Furthermore, throughout the approach of this...

  • European Union as a Unique Foundation

    European Union is not a state and is becoming more than just one intergovernmental actor. Its formal commitment to promote democracy has grown. European Union has had a strong dynamic of its own; the increase in membership potentially helped it to become a more powerful actor. Democracy is a core European Union value and through our analysis we will try to find out how much of this value is promoted by its institutions. The hypothesis that led us to this research was that "European Union is not a state?. In order to find what it is, if not a state, we reviewed the development of the European Union, its basic principles and values and analyzed them thorough the confederate state lens. The aim of this paper is to discuss arguments that may develop into a study answering a haunting questio...

  • Paradoxes of Sustainable Development within European Integration

    In these days, more and more attention in being paid to environment and ecology protection. Political, social and economic actions are much better seen, when decisions are taken in harmony with the natural environment. People began to realize the importance of the environment, they began to appreciate the actions of those, who do care about, and condemn those who don?t. Sustainable development is defined as "the right to meet the development aspirations of the present generation, without limiting the rights of future generations" (Smith & Rees, 1998, p. 23). So, the current economic development should not affect, adversely, the economic development of future generations. Environment destruction and, the endless and only sometimes, use of scarce natural resources, without any thoughts, b...

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