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EIRP proceedings containing the works of the International Conference on European Integration - Realities and Perspectives, bring together all the submitted and presented contributions, providing a conclusive and accessible view to all who wish to feel the beat of research. You will have direct access to a focused group of key people working and researching in the area. The conference is international, offering to researchers the opportunity of showing their works across the world.

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  • Aspects on Involvement of Citizens in the Decision-Making Process of the European Institutions

    This work presents outline relevant issues concerning the real involvement of citizens in the decision-making process of the European institutions as well as the control exercised by the European Ombudsman. Institutional development of the EU, increasing the level of integration and awareness of the European identity strengthened significantly by the introduction of European citizenship by the Maastricht Treaty of 1993 have prompted both the European institutions and the European political environment the need to involve European citizens in making decision and creating the premises for a well-defined decisional transparency. The establishment of the European Ombudsman, a body with the role of investigating complaints by citizens of Member States or residents of the European Union or by...

  • A Contested Politician, a Great Venerated Economist - Mihail Manoilescu

    There are many attempts of arguing the mutual profitable character of the international exchanges from the part of authors for the classical theories of the international trade. Despite these trials, this intercession was not achieved and also aroused criticisms. The aim of this paper is that of analysing the original contribution of the great Romanian scientist M. Manoilescu to the economic theory of international trade. There were used both quantitative and qualitative methods, together with historical introspective in order to capture the research evidence. The implications of this study could be upon the academics, researchers, and also students interested in the economic theory and its applicability in practice. A reference demarche in approaching the unfair exchange succeeded Miha...

  • Sex Education is considered a Taboo Subject in Schools from Romania

    Sex education is considered a taboo subject nowadays. Parents are mostly embarrassed to talk with their children about this topic, couples are embarrassed to talk to each other, parents even more, feel embarrassed when it comes to sex education of children. If this is the situation, I would believe that it is the communist legacy de, because in that period we can say that sexual relationships beyond marriage were violently challenged, sex education was reduced to encouraging abstinence, and there was no sexual connotation in mass media

  • Methodological Aspects Concerning the Crime Scene Investigation in Case of Crimes against the Regime of Arms and Ammunition

    Regarding the methodological aspects in cases of crimes against the regime of arms and munitions, one of the most important forensic activity is the crime scene investigation. This forensic activity needs a major and careful attention within the activities that needs to be followed in a case of unauthorized use of guns and munitions. We have also analyzed in the present study the categories and the importance of the clues and evidences discovered at the crime scene, the interpretation in order to determine the nature and the circumstances in which the act was committed

  • Aspects of the Economic Crisis in the Romanian Health System

    This paper represents a continuation of a previous contributions to the presentation of some of the most significant confrontations of the Romanian post-decade society, such as the demographic crisis, the situation of the road infrastructure and the education system. Unfortunately, it is also manifested in the health system, both through a sub-financing system, that is reflected in the material situation of the hospital units and in the salary level of the medical staff, thus generating an exodus towards the developed countries, as well as by a lack of coherence in health policies in the sense of prevention. As a direct consequence of these states of things, a series of diseases that before 1989 seemed to be eradicated, or at least kept under control, today are acutely manifested, placi...

  • The Ego Communication Beyond Interpersonal

    During our lives, within multiple and varied interactions with others, we come to interpret a series of roles, to have some statuses and related behaviours and/or derived from these social conditions. And all these have the role to deepen the relationship with the fellow man; and more, to allow "reflection and selfreflection in the other" (Cooley). Communicating with others, regardless of the relationship and reference we have with them, as well as the type of communication network applied, is an active, dynamic and irreversible process that calls for a series of "behavioural strategies" to achieve the goals pursued. For each case, we can say that we have a series of patterns, we have a "social mask" that allows us to adapt more or less to a given situation, hence the reaction of the ot...

  • Reflections on the Petition Right Juridical Warranty in the Romanian Constitutional Law Doctrine

    The petition right, as a fundamental right of the Romanian citizen has the character of juridical warranty because this right is guaranteed by the Constitution and also is a substantive law. By granting the petition right is assuring a good administration of the state in the citizens' favor. The aims and the objectives of the present research is to present the fundamental petition right of the Romanian citizen at the doctrine level and the characteristics of this guarantee right. Regarding the prior work, the analyses conducted so far have dealt less frequently with the topic approached here. The approach used in the present study was to analyze the Romanian constitutional doctrine. The results of the present study are important to the social society because it makes the correlation bet...

  • Human Capital Flight, or the Luxury of Indifference?

    This paper is meant to point out the phenomenon of loosing human capital, which became a characteristic aspects of the poor countries, that affects more and more their economy, in the favour of the developed countries. Even if this is a corollary of the globalization process, but the future for the developing countries will be not a good one, because of this exodus of brains; and even this is what our study is meant. The present approach is brought into light by qualitative means of observance, survey and study-case. The results of this research is quite a worrying situation for the donor countries, presenting the huge dimension, together with its economic and social consequences. Our paper could be useful both for the governments of these countries of origin, but also for researchers, ...

  • The Family Environment and its Influence on the Children's Delinquent Behavior

    Throughout this paper, I tried to point out the importance of the family environment on the psycho-behavioral development of the child, of the adult-to be. Even if due to permanent social changes the family can no longer perform certain functions, it remains the place where any child sets the foundation for his biological, psychological, educational, social, cultural training, etc. I have presented the most important family functions considered to be fundamental and responsible for children's psychobehavioral training. The family has the role of shaping and maintaining the small group, of passing on to the next generations the cultural patterns, thus being formed traditions and customs that maintain and define a whole nation

  • Probative Value of Data Obtained Through Technical Surveillance

    The present paper aims at analyzing the , as the efficiency of the fight against corruption and organized crime calls for the use of modern investigative means and judicial bodies increasingly resort to the use of technical surveillance to obtain evidence in criminal proceedings. Statistical data from the courts attests to the large number of requests for authorization of interception of communications, a context in which we can state that this measure became a routine measure in criminal cases. Usage of intercepted communications as evidence obtained in other cases raises serious questions as to ensuring the proportionality of the interference with the right to privacy and with the pursued scope which must be legitimate, co...

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