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EIRP proceedings containing the works of the International Conference on European Integration - Realities and Perspectives, bring together all the submitted and presented contributions, providing a conclusive and accessible view to all who wish to feel the beat of research. You will have direct access to a focused group of key people working and researching in the area. The conference is international, offering to researchers the opportunity of showing their works across the world.

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  • Some Case Studies Regarding the Application of the Principle of Legal Security in the Jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court of Romania

    The term legal security, in a doctrinal interpretation, evokes specialist common terms, thus: the retroactivity of the law, the appearance of legality, the appearance of the law, the applicability of the law, the predictability of the law, the legality of incrimination and penalty, legislative inflation, legal acculturation or even the obscurity of the texts of legal rules. A basic feature of the principle of legal security is that the existing legal rules must be predictable, known and understood and that the corresponding legal solutions remain relatively stable and unequivocal. Clarity and sobriety of the legal rule requires that that the text of the law must be formulated clearly, soberly, fluently and intelligibly without syntactical difficulties and obscure or ambiguous passages, and the shape and the aesthetics of expression must not prejudice the legal style, precision and clarity of the provisions of the legal rule. Another essential characteristic of the principle of legal security is that the existing legal rules must be predictable, known and understood and that the corresponding legal solutions remain relatively stable and unambiguous

  • The Bioeconomic Strategy of Romania in the Context of a Major Global Crisis
  • Drug Advertisements across Cultures

    The present paper intends to approach the pharmaceutical text as a genre of medical discourse, focusing especially on the translation of Drug Advertisements (DA).The aim of this paper is to investigate the translation issues raised by these texts and to offer some translation strategies in order to facilitate their understanding by the non – specialist readers. One of the novelty elements of this article consists in an interdisciplinary approach of the pharmaceutical promotion texts and their analysis from different perspectives: of translation and cultural studies, of linguistics, of pragmatics and of the advertising discourse. The advertising language uses textual as well as cultural strategies in order to get the reader's attention. The understanding and the observance of the cultural values of the target audience is essential for an efficient approach to translation. Consequently, the translator needs to focus not only on the linguistic particularities of the text but also on respecting the socio-cultural differences of the target reader when interpreting the source-text. A difficult element in the translation of the pharmaceutical promotion text represents the cultural appropriateness of the sent message. The publicity of a product can be inefficient owing to the non-compliance with the socio-cultural differences in interpretation that leads to an inadequate promotion. The attempt of finding the optimum translation strategies in order to facilitate the understanding of these texts by the lay – receiver, preserving the meaning as well as the cultural atmosphere in the target text, represents another new element of this approach, given that, there are not many studies in the field literature that focus on this topic

  • Waste Management in Gala?i County

    Galați County has begun the implementation of the circular economy through the major wastemanagement project submitted for funding to the European Commission. The paper presents as a case studythis project, financed through the Operational Program for Large Infrastructure, in which the circular economyis introduced and implemented as a concept. The project will implement an integrated waste managementsystem in Galați County, which will have a significant positive impact on the environment, human health andquality of life, especially in terms of reducing surface water, soil and groundwater contamination, reducing airpollution, reduced climate impact, reduced hazards for the general public and improved quality of life

  • Aspects Regarding the Legality of Search Warrants Obtained Based on the Recordings Conducted with the Logistics of the Romanian Intelligence Service

    The search warrants that were obtained based on the recordings taped with the logistics of the Romanian Intelligence Service are struck by nullity. This statement comes in the context in which the interception authorizations were enforced by a non-competent criminal investigation bodies, an aspect which is struck by nullity. Taking into account that the search warrants were granted exclusively on the basis of audio recordings obtained with the logistics and support of the Romanian Intelligence Service, the derivative proofs are to be excluded if they were obtained indirectly from illegal evidence. According to the Romanian Criminal Procedure Code, the recordings are to be conducted by the public attorney or the criminal investigation body. The Romanian Intelligence Service is an institution without judiciary attributions, with a secret identity. According to the Romanian Constitutional Court's Decision number 22/2018, if the surveillance recordings are obtained with the support of the Romanian Intelligence Service, this evidence is to be physically eliminated from the case's files in order to effectively guarantee the presumption of innocence and the right to a fair trial

  • Covid-19 Crisis ? a wake-up call for Romanian Higher Education System

    The Covid-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the life of people from around the worldin almost every way. We are taking this situation very seriously and we acknowledge and fully support thevarious travel and public gathering restrictions to help slow down the spread of the virus. The purpose of thisstudy is to provide the most suitable solutions for Romanian Higher Education System in order to tackle thisglobal crisis. Current knowledge states the importance of e-learning activities in providing educationalservices all over the world. In light of these new circumstances, we feel obligated to let our academic networkknow how we are addressing this challenge while continuing to support all of our professors, students, staff,with the aim of maximizing the safety of our community at large. To ensure the safety of peoples, some ofour academic activities are held in an interactive, live online setting, thanks to the possibility of using our elearningplatform: Danubius Online. Secondly, all community collaboration activities were moved in on-line,in order to avoid any possible health risk regarding the Covid-19 outbreak. This paper aims to represent areflection on current academia reality, as the coronavirus situation evolves, because the COVID-19 crisismoves faster than decision-makers, and under these circumstances, re-thinking Higher Education Systembecomes a priority

  • The Psychanalitical Approach of Personality

    Sigmund Freud considers that personality comprises three major subsystems that interact and control human behavior: the self, the self, the superhuman. S. Freud detected a series of consistent themes that were nothing but expressions of unconscious fears or desires, themes similar to those seen in the analysis of dreams or childhood memories. Sigmund Freud, as he is well known, placed great importance on becoming the personality of the first years of his life. Mostly, he spoke about the fact that the first five years of life are those responsible for establishing the psycho-behavioral base and for constituting the individual unconscious. Freud, at the time, did not enjoy a special collaboration with those in his professional guild. This was also due to the fact that, due to its histrionic structure, it did not accept any opinions from colleagues or disciples. On the other hand, it has restructured its conception of personality, but as some specialists show, also within the same dogmatism

  • Diplomatic, Military and Economic Actions of Romania for the Purpose of Exiting the United Nations War
  • Considerations Regarding the Validity of the Prosecutor's Procedural Documents Appropriated through the Application of a Stamp Containing his Signature

    The absence of the prosecutor when his participation is compulsory is sanctioned with the absolute nullity of all the procedural acts conducted without his involvement. In a criminal case where the ex officio notification report, the prosecutor's ordinances for the beginning of the criminal investigaton, of extending the criminal investigation do not contain the prosecutor's holograph signature, the court cannot verify if these procedural acts were truly issued by the prosecutor mentioned in them. The holograph signature applied by the prosecutor on the original procedural acts is the only method of guaranteeing that the procedure and content of these acts were assumed by the public attorney. The application of a stamp that reproduces the prosecutor's signature is an indirect and mechanical method of signing that brings the absolute nullity of the procedural act brought by the public attorney's absence in the supposed issuing of the document. This indirect method of "signing" does not allow to ascertain that the prosecutor has signed the procedural act, because a stamp can be applied by anyone

  • The Global Pact for the Environment- a Necessity and One of the Answers to the Worldwide Environmental Crisis-Where to?

    At the UN Summit in New York on 19 September 2017, the French President announced all the representatives of the world States that he wanted to establish, under the aegis of the UN, what would be not just a design project, but a global pact for the environment, therefore a new instrument of international environmental law, whose goal would be supplementing the international environmental law, enhancing the coherence thereof and enabling the implementation of the obligations set forth in such law, which may take the form of an international treaty adopted by the General Assembly. The initiative belongs to the Club des juristes and aims to collect in a single text the great international principles of environmental law and make them binding, due to the possibility of enforcing them in courts of law. This text could become the backbone of international environmental law

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