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  • The Necessity of Innovation for the Sustainable Development of Romanian Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurship is an important pillar for the economic growth, generating businesses and jobs. Above that, entrepreneurship is a necessity in our society, due to the higher rate of unemployment among young people all over European Union. In Romania, there is a positive attitude towards entrepreneurship and many people have the courage to start a business. This paper aims to find how these new businesses can be strengthened, in order to become sustainable and what the importance of innovation in this process is.

  • Are the revised Forecasts for Romania more accurate than the Preliminary ones during the Crisis?

    The research question of this study is: are the revisions of an anonymous Romanian forecaster more accurate than the initial predictions for the current year? Therefore, in order to provide a scientific response to this question, several macroeconomic variables were considered for the crisis period (2009-2013): real GDP growth, inflation rate, unemployment rate and exchange rate. The forecasts are provided for the current year in two versions: spring variant and autumn one. For 2009, the real GDP growth and unemployment rate revisions brought higher errors. Indeed, the crisis start was not precisely anticipated by the expert. For unemployment rate in each year belonging to the period 2009-2012 the revisions showed higher errors. According to predictions accuracy indicators, the forecast...

  • Optimization Methods for Supply Chain Activities

    This paper approach the theme of supply chain activities for medium and large companies which run many operations and need many facilities. The first goal is to analyse the influence of optimisation methods of supply chain activities on the success rate for a business. The second goal is to compare some logistic strategies applied by companies with the same profile to see which is the most effective. The final goal is to show which is the necessity of strategic optimum for a company and how can be achieved the considering the demand uncertainty.

  • Leadership in Higher Education

    The conduct" of an academic institution has suffered a permanent change under external pressure and criticism for its failure to adapt to current social and economic requirements. The degradation of quality in the Romanian education system is a current affairs subject. Successive and rather incoherent reforms suggest the lack of a long-term vision, as well as that of a political consensus on the role and place of education within the Romanian economy and society. The reference points identified as a result of the needs analysis and the student opinion polls have indicated the necessity to focus the academic teaching and learning activities on the student, on their level of development, using active-participative strategies, using a specific academic group management and applying various...

  • Aspects of Specialized Translations in the Field of Economics

    Without presenting features different from those of the national language as regards grammar structures or the basic vocabulary, specialized languages raise terminology and contextualization problems, which, in the case of specialized translations, require certain competences from the part of translators, whether they are linguists or specialists in the field. They have to consider the synchronization of notions and conceptual equivalences, and to stay constantly tuned to the terminology dynamics. There are many circumstances in which the economic language demonstrates the quality of being a living language and, at the same time, a very technical language. The present article introduces certain issues related to specialized translations within the field of economics and the possible sol...

  • Awareness Research Concerning the Existence and Implications of the Avrig - Scorei - Fagaras protected Area

    This article is based upon a survey conducted in the protected area of Avrig - Scorei - Fagaras from Romania. The main purpose of the article is to determine the awareness, attitudes and ways in which the inhabitants of a protected area may act towards the conservation of the area and support the community development. The research was based on a direct interview, using a questionnaire comprising 20 direct questions. The sampling method was probabilistic, with a multistage sampling, as it allows the possibility to extrapolate the results obtained for the entire research population. The systematic error is of +/-4%. The results showed a reduced awareness of the residents about the existence, functioning and support of this protected area, as well as a positive approach of the local publi...

  • Staff Performance Evaluation in Public Organizations

    In public Organizations staff performance is difficult to measure in absence of overall quantitative performance indicators. There are also the qualitative indicators that give an overview on staff’s motivation, strive, ability, commitment to values, teamwork. These aspects are even less easy to illustrate, in private and public sectors equally. In both cases, measuring staff performance at work, as well as its input on the global performance of the organization is a difficult task which has in practice different approaches. Subsequently, this paper is discussing the system indicators and performance triggers used in International Organizations UN affiliated, in order to adjust staff classification and benefits to their staff’s performance.

  • The Intercultural Model of National Lebanese Market

    The paper emphasizes the importance of intercultural marketing approaches on the internationally globalized market. The ethnical structure of population determines the fractionation of consumers’ characteristics on the national market. The paper presents the elements of the intercultural Lebanese model which generate the national specificity of Lebanese market. The Lebanese cultural model is validated with the dimensions of Hofstede’s model and based on the results of a quantitative market research. The paper formulates marketing strategies for the intercultural marketing approach on Lebanese market.

  • Principal Component Analysis - A Powerful Tool in Computing Marketing Information

    This paper is about an instrumental research regarding a powerful multivariate data analysis method which can be used by the researchers in order to obtain valuable information for decision makers that need to solve the marketing problem a company face with. The literature stresses the need to avoid the multicollinearity phenomenon in multivariate analysis and the features of Principal Component Analysis (PCA) in reducing the number of variables that could be correlated with each other to a small number of principal components that are uncorrelated. In this respect, the paper presents step-by-step the process of applying the PCA in marketing research when we use a large number of variables that naturally are collinear.

  • Entrepreneurship and Creativity. A Comparative Study

    The paper aims to present a comparative study between researches’ study results from 2009 and a researches’ study results conducted during 2013 among the same students of "Transilvania" University of Brasov. The studies were conducted in order to compare their opinion regarding the link between creativity and entrepreneurship, considering the role of creativity within the word of business.

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