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  • Effects of Carbohydrate Consumption Case Study: carbohydrates in Bread

    Carbohydrates perform numerous roles in living organisms; they are an important source of energy. The body uses carbohydrates to make glucose which is the fuel that gives it energy and helps keep everything going. However, excess carbohydrate consumption has negative health effects. Bread is a basic product in our nutrition and it also is a product with a high content of carbohydrates. So, it is important to find out more information on bread and on the recommended bread type best for consumption.

  • The Importance of Creativity in Education

    This paper submits, in its first part, some considerations on the creativity-brain-learning triad and defines the creative person, creative teacher and creative student. The North Axis principles, as a means to stimulate creativity, yield the content thereof. As follows, the author explains the stock-market-related simulation, as a didactic modality to initiate the students in the secrets of the investment in the stock exchange. The conclusions highlight the importance of practical activities for the economy of education.

  • Role of the Directive no. 36/2013 and Regulation no. 575/2013 in the Evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility

    Over the recent period, one can see the development of the legislation - at both European and national level - corresponding to the enactment of corporate social responsibility in varied special fields. In this paper, we have analyzed the RSC-enactment legislation in the banking field, recently adopted at the level of the European Union. These European normative acts are the most recent part of the evolution of corporate social responsibility.

  • Social Media - A New Way of Communication

    The Internet has a major impact when it comes to marketing tools, providing new opportunities that were not previously available is the traditional marketing environment. Each traditional communication channel has its obvious advantages and organizations must continue to use it, but the Internet is a channel in constant development, enjoying high attention and being currently used by more than a third of the global population. Knowing the different advantages and disadvantages of both traditional and online marketing, a good marketer may be able to make the right decision when developing integrated marketing strategies.

  • Managing through Budgets for Increasing Firm's Performances in a Dynamic and Globalized Economy

    In a more and more competitive world, with continuous changes and need for adjustment, each firm is seeking for better positioning and better results. In order to obtain them, various techniques are used. The paper presents an integrated approach referring to increasing the firm’s efficiency using strategic managerial tools and econometric forecasting, combined with the development of a management by budgets system for the companies, in order to help them achieve their desired results.

  • Slovenia's Trade in Goods with the Western Balkan Countries

    In this paper, the author deals with Slovenia’s trade in goods with the Western Balkan countries, Slovenia’s important trade partners that together account for more than ten per cent of the value of Slovenia’s total trade in goods. There are several reasons for this, such as ease of trade between Slovenia and the Western Balkan countries (excluding Albania) due to similar culture, language, etc. This is particularly true for Croatia, which is one of Slovenia’s four neighbouring countries and one of its most important trade partners, accounting for more than five per cent of the value of Slovenia’s total trade in goods and almost 50 per cent of the value of Slovenia’s trade with the Western Balkan countries. In 2012, the value of Slovenia’s trade in goods with Croatia amounted to €2 300....

  • The Marketing Mix in the Online Environment

    The introduction of the Internet into our lives has brought many opportunities that affected also marketing. With the development of the Internet, online sales (e-sales) have become more common in every day society and in a certain extend even replaced components of the traditional environment. The Internet is a new channel of communication which brings new opportunities in marketing. Nowadays, online marketing has taken over more and more of the budgets allocated for marketing, increasingly diminishing traditional marketing in favour of online promotion activities. This paper will present how the marketing mix adapts to the online environment.

  • Human Resource Management in Micro and Small Enterprises

    The main goals of this study are, on the one hand, to describe the existing situation regarding the , and to highlight the manner in which this should be managed to bring a number of benefits to organisations from this sector, on the other hand,. To achieve this goal, previous research and publications from important authors in this domain were consulted. Furthermore, the case of a micro-enterprise from Brasov was studied - Delis Dana S.R.L. to analyse the manner in which the human resources management functions were actually implemented.

  • Comparison between the European Central Bank as a New Monetary Experiment and other Major - Central Banks - US Federal Reserve and Bank of Japan

    Our goal is to make a survey of three major central banks practices and to emphasize both the different national characteristics and the similarities derived from the global changes of financial environment. Using a descriptive methodology, the comparison will concern the central banks’ goals, the institutional and organizational structures, strategies and tools of monetary policy.

  • The Importance of Branding and Rebranding for Strategic Marketing

    The present paper’s main purpose is to establish a conection between branding, rebranding and the efforts of developing a strategic marketing plan. Today’s reality shows us that the quality of products or services alone, can not ensure companies success anymore. Because of that a lot of companies willing to obtain high profits, on national or international markets, have to consider branding eforts as a necesity and not as an option. Furthermore, even if the company’s efforts give birth to a successful brand, time and market changes may lead to the erosion of brand’s image, forcing that company to rethink the hole branding strategy and proceed to rebranding.

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