Sovereign wealth fund as a subject of the private international law

AuthorMaria Kaurakova
PositionPost-graduate student, Kutafin's Moscow State Law Academy
LESIJ NO. XX, VOL. 1/2013
This article covers the problem of the legal status of sovereign wealth funds in private international
law as a separate branch of the internal law in each jurisdiction.
Keywords: sovereign wealth fund, private international law, cross-border investment fund.
Public element in the structure-organizational component of the institutional investors
legal status as a legal construction characterizes cross -border investment funds as truly universal
tool of accumulation and movement of foreign direct and portfolio capital, which notion is
invariantlyă usedă ină relationă toă legală personsă ofă privateă andă publică law.ă It’să inherentă ină theă
individual type of cross-border investment funds called as sovereign wealth funds. By their
unique legal status in the private international law stipulated by the intensive implication into the
We start studying it here from examining of the notion content. Sovereign wealth funds
notion is widely used in doctrine and practice nevertheless it is not covered by law. Its legal
definition is impeded by the fact that the so -called life goal of the sovereign wealth funds is
mainlyăcontainedă inătheă canvasăofă theăstateă one.ăIt’săp redetermined by the unique public policy
and corresponding means for its realization. However its definition if holds, is made on the basis
of thorough analysis of independent characteristics in certain private-law or public-law spheres
of research or review of the terms used in the name of the notion. In line of the latter we will
start our study.
state or its head is empowered of in accordance with the unique organizational structure of the
politicală system.ă Theă termă “fund”ă isă primarilyă usedă toă theă capitală foră theă particulară purpose.ă
“Wealth”ă – is a socio-political notion that determines the terms of sustainable human
development. In result of their examine sovereign wealth fund is the public capital used for the
sustainable development of the h uman, society and the state. By reason of its extremely abstract
characterăsuchădefinitionă can’tăbeăexclusivelyă usedăină theăpresentăpaper.ă Ităwillăbeă laterăclarifiedă
but even in the present version there is characteristic of the individu al type of cross-border
investmentăfunds.ăIt’sătheădirectăs tateăparticipationăinăitsăcreationăandă realizationăthroughăplacingă
of certain amounts of all oil, gas and other revenues in corporate or contract form. In the latter
caseăth ere’sănoă legală capacit yăforă theă distinctă legală andă economică being.ă Theseă areă Equatorială
Guinea Fund for Future Gen erations managed by the Bank of Central African States (BEAC),
Macroeconomic Stabilizatio n Fund regulated by the Board of the Central Bank of Venezuela.
According to the data of the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute
1, global organization designed to
study government investors in certain commercial and non-commercial areas, th ere are presently
65 funds. The first (Texas Permanen t School Fund) emerged in 1854 with the domicile of origin
in United States of America.
1 Sovereign Wealth Institute Site. [Electronic resource]. URL:

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