Mediation - Political-Diplomatic Means for Solving International Conflicts

AuthorMadalina Cocosatu
PositionNational School of Political Studies and Public Administration, Romania
Legal Sciences
Mediation – Political-Diplomatic Means for Solving
International Conflicts
Mdlina Cocoatu
Abstract: The peaceful settlement of international disputes is a fundamental requirement for the preservation
of international peace and security. The contemporary international law consecrated the states’ obligation to
settle the conflicts between them exclusively through peaceful means. In the modern age, characterized by the
dynamics of the international relations and structures, the problem of using the modalities of peaceful
settlement of disputes is closely connected to the adaptation of international law to the requirements of the
new international economic and political order. Together with negotiation, good offices , conciliation and
international investigation, mediation represents an important modality in the peaceful settlement of
international conflicts. In the paper at hand, we shall present the historical evolution of this institution and
will analyze the procedure for achieving mediation, in comparison to the other modalities. Also, an important
role in our res earch will be held by the analysis of the role of the United Nations Organization in solving
international conflicts through political-diplomatic means.
Keywords: International Conflicts, mediation, regulation, process of peaceful
1. Introduction
The peaceful settlement of international disputes and the concrete means for solving them are the
result of a long historical evolution of the relations between states and of the development and
improvement of the institutions and regulations of international law, representing one of the
fundamental principles of international law.
The most important norms which make up the content of this principle are the states’ obligation to
settle their international disputes only through peaceful means and through the free choice o f the
solving means.
The peaceful means of solving international disputes are divided into three categories (Geamnu,
1983, p. 39):
• peaceful means without jurisdictional character (diplomatic) – the talks or negotiations, good
offices, mediation, inquiry and conciliation;
• peaceful means with jurisdictional character arbitration and mandatory (compulsory)
• the procedure of settling the disputes between the states by means of the international
organisms and organizations.
The means without jurisdictional character or the diplomatic ones are those which target the reaching
of an agreement between the states for the settlement of the dispute.
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