Interaction Operators with State through Public Consolidated Budget

AuthorIonut Dragos Luhan
PositionUniversity 'Alexandru Ioan Cuza'of Iasi, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Interaction Operators with State
through Public Consolidated Budget
Luhan Ionuţ Dragoş
University "Alexandru Ioan Cuza"of Iasi, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration,
Abstract: Operation of a proper market economy is influenced in an important measure of
the interaction with operators, r espectively, how to run the financial relations between the
public and strengthened economic resources for the purposes of training and public budgetary
allocation of resources in economic benefit. In the above still trying to achieve several
important issues relating to financial relations between the private and the public enhanced.
Keywords: economic, finance, financial relations, taxes.
1 Introduction
In current conditions, the major trend is towards the internationalization of economic markets, it can
be concluded that the specific economic, and implicitly, the financial activity of economic agents, it is
becoming more complex and in a continuously changing.
Current economic environment is the market economy, the basic pillar of the system is economic, and
specifically between the market economy and an economic relationship of interdependence, in that
environment can influence economic, and these, under certain conditions and in certain forms can
influence the environment. In this specific market economy, the state has an important role as the
legislative and executive power that has the capacity to coordinate and manage economic activities
that are conducted in its territory.
2 State, Traders Public and Consolidated Budget
State, through its institutions, contribute to ensuring the necessary enterprise functionality (law,
stability, security agreements with other states) and organizes the provision of services of public utility
behave in some cases as a trader. Traders eligible for allowances in the form of subsidies for certain
sectors of protectionist measures, the state orders, exemptions and tax reductions or customs premiums
for export or promote productions etc.. In performing the role or use the resources collected in the
form of taxes from businesses. State, adopted by the tax in the economy and the allocation of
budgetary resources can create economic growth factors, or on the contrary, can generate negative
effects, in case of inappropriate policies.
Private agencies are legal entities, established companies with private capital, carrying out economic
activities in order to gain, such as stock companies, Limited Liability Company, partnership with
simple societies, authorized persons.
All operators, regardless o f legal form of organization, areas of activity or form of ownership operate
in an organized, well-regulated with strict rules laid down by public authorities to support mainly the
proper functioning of society.
Interactions between economic agents and state not only shapes the legal dimension, in which the state
through its legislative institutions and coordinating executive management firms, but also a dimension
of nature fiscal budget resulted in the mobilization of significant financial resources from economic to
the state more specifically to the consolidated budget of the state and also the allocation / use of
resources in such a benefit directly or indirectly firms.

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