About an Integrate System for Waste Management

AuthorGeorgeta Dragomir, Stefan Dragomir, Cornelia Tureac
About an Integrate System for Waste Management
Georgeta Dragomir 1, Stefan Dragomir 2, Cornelia Tureac 3
1”Danubius” University of Galati, Economic Sciences Faculty,
2Dunarea de Jos”, University of Galati, Faculty of Engineering and Materials Science,
1”Danubius” University of Galati, Economic Sciences Faculty,
Abstract: An importan t issue with regarding the environment protection in Romania is represented by
waste management with reference to the activities of collection, transport, treatment, processing, recovery
and disposal of waste categories. According to European Union requirements, the waste national strategic
management is oriented on two main d irections, which covers all types of waste defined by OUG
(Emergency Gouvernmental Ordinance) no. 78/2000 with subsequent amendments and additions:
Keywords: waste management, integrate system, environment protection.
1. Introduction
General objectives of national and European waste management requires the involvement of the entire
society, represented by central authorities and local generators of waste, professional associations and
research institutes, civil society .
The strategy for waste management is necessary for the development of a system integrated for waste
management, efficiently as economic and environmental reason for setting the objectives of Romania in
the field - applies to all types of waste, as defined by the GEO 78/2000 on Waste - as amended by
Emergency Ordinance no. 61/2006.
The national plan for waste management, identify actions to be taken to implement the strategy and
conduct of their responsibilities on time.
The main commitments assumed by Romania in the context of accession to the European Union are
defined by a series of European Directive which states the objectives of each part, as follows: 1. Until
31.12.2008 for the achievement of recycling targets - 60% by weight for paper and cardboard - 50% by
weight for metal 2. Until 31.12.2011 to achieve the objectives - the overall recovery of 50% - individual
recycling of 15% plastic, 15% by weight for wood 3. Up to 31.12.2013 to reach the objective - overall:
55% recycling, recovery of 60% - individual Recycle: 22.5% by weight for plastics, 60% by weight for

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