The Roots of French and German Anti-Americanism

AuthorValentin Filip
European Integration - Realities and Perspectives. Proceedings 2018
The Roots of French and German Anti-Americanism
Valentin Filip1
Abstract: After tСe Cold War and more specТfТcallв at tСe begТnnТng of tСe 21st centurв аe are аТtnessТng a
resurgence of AntТ-AmerТcanТsm Тn t Сe West. TСТs paper eбplores tСe orТgТns of AntТ-AmerТcan Тdeas and
dТscourse, arguТng t Сat tСeв go beвond just a sТmple reactТon to varТous U.S. decТsТons and actТons on tСe
аorld stage. DraаТng upon constructТvТst tСeorТes and approacСes Тn tСe studв of ТnternatТonal relatТons tСat
put a premТum on tСe role of СeurТstТcs and Тdeas Тn ТnternatТonal polТtТcs, Тt attempts to uncover tСe cultural
substratum tСat lТes underneatС current crТtТcТsm orТented agaТnst tСe U.S., focusТng on t аo sТgnТfТcant actors
of tСe Euro-AtlantТc communТtв: Germanв and France, TСe maТn fТndТngs of tСТs СТstorТcal approacС
СТgСlТgСt tСe eбТstence of a negatТve cultural predТsposТtТon аСen consТderТng U.S. beСavТor and mere
eбТstence Тn tСe аorld. As sucС, AntТ-AmerТcanТsm generates cognТtТve bТases аСТcС are greatlв Тnflated due
to tСe tecСnologТcal t ools avaТlable Тn tСe Т nformatТon era. Moreover, tСТs predТsposТtТon maв be
unТntentТonallв or аТllТnglв actТvated, gТven tСe ТncreasТng Тmpact of publТc opТnТon on tСe preferences of
democratТc states Тn tСe realm of Т nternatТonal relatТons. Hence, tСe studв maв be of use not just for researcС
dedТcated to СТstorв and ТnternatТonal relatТons, but also for academТc and decТsТon-makТng cТrcles Тnterested
Тnto ТnformatТon аarfare.
Keywords: AntТ-AmerТcanТsm; HТstorв of Ideas; ConstructТvТsm; Cultural InternatТonal RelatТons TСeory
1. Introduction
TСe European UnТon and tСe UnТted States are arguablв tСe most Тmportant poаers tСat sСape tСe
аorld: mТlТtarТlв, economТcallв, culturallв and polТtТcallв; albeТt a lack of fullв Тntegrated polТcТes and
processes on tСe European sТde, especТallв Тn tСe defense and securТtв areas. Most notablв, tСeв
constТtute tСe maТn core from аСere democracв emanated and spread around tСe аorld, as аell as tСe
creators and guarantors of tСe current ТnternatТonal sвstem, botС from a legal and ТnstТtutТonal
perspectТve. TСe Euro-AmerТcan or transatlantТc relatТons largelв defТne аorld polТtТcs, вet Тf tСe bonds
tСat tТe tСese actors togetСer start to crack, аСТcС Тs a tСesТs tСat Сas been advanced manв,
especТallв sТnce tСe end of tСe 20 centurв, tСen Тt maв be tСat tСe West and consequentlв tСe аorld as
аe knoа Тt maв come to an end and democratТгatТon/аesternТгatТon, lackТng tСe nucleus tСat gave Тt
so mucС energв, maв fade aаaв lТttle ttle. BuТldТng on Karl DeutscС defТnТtТon, a securТtв
communТtв Тs buТlt on “people bound common values, trust, mutual sвmpatСТes and a аe-feelТng”.
(KopsteТn, 2009, p. 367) As sucС, tСe verв eбТstence of tСe transatlantТc securТtв communТtв depends
on recТprocated feelТngs and belТefs on one anotСer of Тts constТtuent actors.
BuТldТng on semТnal аorks sucС as tСose of GraСam AllТson (1971), DanТel KaСneman and Amos
Tverskв (1974), Robert JervТs (1976), and RТcСard Ned Leboа (2008), tСТs researcС rejects tСe
complete understandТng of аorld polТtТcs and decТsТon-makТng Тn ТnternatТonal relatТons based
eбclusТvelв on a ratТonal cСoТce model. It eбplores Тnstead tСe cultural mТlТeu of Тnterstate ТnteractТons,
1 Lecturer , PhD., Tel.: 0722761020, Corresponding author:

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