The Business Plan in the Industry of Hospitality - National Restaurants

AuthorAlina Cristina Alexandru
European Integration - Realities and Perspectives. Proceedings 2017
The Business Plan in the Industry of Hospitality National Restaurants
Alina Cristina Alexandru1
Abstract: In my work I will analyze the practical case of the n ational restaurant. I will consider the specific
financial accounting elements in the hospitality industry, product policy, the particularities o f the promotional
activity on the economic performance of the business.
Keywords: budget; business; product; policy; market
Motto: Culinary journey through Europe!
1. Business Description
Context and Objectives
It is proposed to open an original restaurant, with its traditional eight Hanukah evenings specifically
(English, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Spanish, Hungarian). The restaurant's offer is centered on: food dishes,
customs and traditions specific to each country. The artistic program will food consistency on: music,
dance, information on culture and civilization of each country.
The location was chosen in Constanța, because there are already important groups of each nationality in
this port and at the same time has a well-developed tourism potential. The diversity of cohabiting ethnic
minorities, as well as the tourist flow, will contribute to the success and sustainability of the business.
1 Student, F aculty of Economic Sciences, Danubius University, Romania, Address: 3 Blvd Galati, Galati 800654, Romania,
Tel.: +40.372.361.251, Corresponding author:

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