Regional Educational Disparities vs Underperforming Educational Management in Romania

AuthorRomeo Ionescu
European Integration - Realities and Perspectives. Proceedings 2015
Performance and Risks in the European Economy
Regional Educational Disparities vs Underperforming Educational
Management in Romania
Romeo-Victor Ionescu1
Abstract: The paper deals with the regional education al disparities across the EU, with a special focus on the
Romanian NUTS 1 and 2 regions. The comparative analysis allows quantifying the Romanian regions
position in the EU regarding education, using three indicators: population in all levels of education, students
in tertiary education and leavers from educational and training. Forecasting procedures are used in order to
describe the indicators‘ trend until 2020. Regression allows quantifying the regional disparities between
European and Romanian regions related to the above three indicators. The main conclusion of the analysis is
that the great Romanian educational dysfunctions are the result of an inefficient educational management at
macro and regional levels. The analysis and its results are supported by the latest official statistical data and
pertinent diagrams.
Keywords: regional educational disparities; levels of education; regional educational management;
forecasting procedures.
JEL Classification: H52; H75; I24; I25; R12.
1 Introduction
It is impossible to build a new society without education. Education has a powerful impact on socio-
economic development. In Europe, the most economic developed countries have the best educational
In order to maintain its position as main global economic actor, European Union adopted Europe 2020
Strategy (European Commission, 2010). The Strategy is focused on five fundamental objectives. One
of them is reducing school dropout rates to below 10 %, with at least 40 % of 3034-year-olds
completing tertiary education. Romania seems to go to another direction related to education. Using
demographic argues, the decision makers consider the low educational level and the decrease of those
who attend to an educational form as normal trends. Moreover, the Romanian universities, for
example, face to acute lack of students. The paper is focused on the idea that only an underperforming
educational management led to this phenomenon in Romania.
1Professor, Ph D, ―Danubius‖ University of Galati, Romania, Address: 3 Galati Boulevard, 800654 Galati, Romania, Tel.:
+40.372.361.102, fax: +40.372.361.290, Corresponding author:

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