Moral Problem of Suicide and its Relation to Human Freedom

AuthorLiliana Lacramioara Pavel
PositionDanubius University, Faculty of Law
European Integration - Realities and Perspectives
Moral Problem of Suicide and its Relation to Human Freedom
Pavel Liliana Lăcrămioara
Danubius University, Faculty of Law,
Abstract: The thesi s treats the problem of suicide by putting it in relation to the individual freedom of
human. I will concentra te on j ust a f ew problems w hich target to attempt to offer an answer to the theme
above mentioned. To achieve the purpose I use different opinions and theories regardi ng theme in question
which demonstrates that the theme has been tr eated thoroughly and also by prominent authors like G. Minois,
E. Cioran, A. Schopenhauer or Paul-Ludwig Landsberg. We were as king ourselves whether suicide is a moral
problem. How about a solution to escape from the existential anguish? People have never understood
completely the acts of suicide showing almost constantly contempt, fear, pity or indifference to these.
Keywords: suicide; morality; Christianity
1. Introduction
Throughout the centuries, suicidal acts have shocked either through the violence with which they have
been committed or through their causes sometimes absurd that had determined them.
The problem that interests me in this case is whether the acts of suicidal committed because of
different reasons are condemnable and why.
If they are convicted, means that are not consistent with a morality that is not the moral.
Intolerance they can sometimes have developed a purely rational justification (eg Kant), sometimes a
religious justification or in other cases it is based on simple human feelings to react against such acts.
If there are no acts of suicide censurable, means they are recognized as expressions of individual
freedom to decide each for themselves and act according to their desires in what concerns you. If we
accept that each individual is free to do what he wants as long as its actions do not directly affect
others suicide should no longer be tried and condemned in any way the freedom of expression because
it is concerned. (Mill, 2001, p. 17)
A number of existentialist thinkers such as E. Cioran saw the suicide act as only chance to escape the
anguish of life more hated we are all caught and we can only issue the passage into nonexistence.
"Life is but a long series of disappointments and suffering and those who try to find a good side and
do nothing but to continually lie"
Existentialists start from this premise in their attempt to justify "last resort".
For example Cioran wrote: "Signs of life: cruelty, fanaticism, intolerance, signs of decadence:
kindness, understanding, indulgence...." (Cioran, 1992, p. 230)

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