Leading Strategies of the 'DAC People' Program in Budjak

AuthorTatyana Shevchuk
European Integration - Realities and Perspectives. Proceedings 2016
Leading Strategies of the “DAC People” Program in Budjak
Tetyana Shevchuk1
Abstract: The article deals with the prosp ects of the international activities of Izmail State University for
Humanities as a Danube academic consortium partner. The project of DAC pilot implementation o f the
programs “Innovation is Hope” and “Sky is the Limit” within the framework of “DAC People” in Budjak
is presented in the article. Its key components include th e following information: data about the
prominent creative community in Budjak; the project of Budjak Art Center of Craft Excellence of Euro -
regional importance (BACCE) as its integral unit; the challenges of the project and its geography; the
people, involved in the implementation.
Keywords: project; project of Budjak Art Center of Craft Excellence of Euro -regional importance
(BACCE); international activities
This year Izmail State University for Humanities has become the member of the Danube academic
consortium (DAC), the activities of which are aligned with the objectives of the EU Strategy for the
Danube Region (EUSDR). This important partnership of Universities and Corporate partners with
different expertize profiles form the unique Euro-regional integrated ecosystem in the area of the
Danube Delta for integral innovation in the business and academic world. Two main DAC activity
directions are focused on Applied Arts and technologies in dynamically interacting network of
academic institutions, which take into account both single markers and cultural diversity of “Lower
Danube” Euro-region.
Izmail State University got a proposal to develop and implement the program of “DAC People”, based
on the interaction between the creative communities of our region with the academic environment.
The project “DAC People” has two basic components: the program “Innovation as Hope” and “The
Sky is the Limit”. The format of the first one assumes the involvement of the target students in
achievements of the regional creative community to gain the attainments of artistic thinking and craft
skills at the regional level. The second program is aimed at cooperation with children's institutions of
different levels to involve the gifted children to university projects.
The prominent creative community in Budjak is Izmail Municipal Organization of National Union
of Artists of Ukraine (Guide of the Izmail Municipal Organization, 2013). Having been created in
2008, it unites the highly qualified specialists in fine arts and craft of the Southern Bessarabia (Kara,
Mitaki, 2015, p. 211-213). It is an integral part of all-Ukrainian Creative Organization (Guide of the
National Union, 2013) which consists of professional artists accepted in accordance with the strict
expert criteria. Its Legal form is: Creative Community (840); Legal activities: 91.12.0 activities of
1 P rofessor, PhD, Izmail State University for Humanities, Ukraine, Address: 12, Repin St., C. Ismail, Odesa reg., 68600,
Ukraine Corresponding author: shevchuktat@mail.ru.

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