Leadership, Innovative Work behavior and Software Development Companies in Romania

AuthorIoana Gutu
PositionFaculty of Economics and Business Administration, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Ia?i, Iasi, Romania
European Integration - Realities and Perspectives. Proceedings 2020
Leadership, Innovative Work behavior and Software Development
Companies in Romania
Ioana Gutu1
Abstract: Consid ered to be a phenomenon whose complexity is growing within the last decade,
organizational innovation has a different specific, according to the analysis level it refers to. This paperwork
will only take into consideration the concept of innovation as a process, and will not focus on the results as a
specific outcome of the innovation process. Leadership is the new driver for innovation; among the many
theories and styles of leadership, the greatest impact on the process of innovation appertains to the
transformational leadership; the new organizational order focuses on the reinventing the business models
and processes, rather than developing new products and processes. The results highlight the effect of
innovation for the business models and market launching, as the transformational leaders become highly
specialized organizational assets. The outcome for the organizational processes that imply both
transformational leadership and the process of innovation can o nly be seen through the innovative work
behavior of both individuals and team members. This research will focus on quantifying these behaviors
within software development companies in Romania, where the used instrument was Workplace Innovation
Scale (WIS) as introduced by McMurray and Dorai in 2003. Results will show that transformational
leadership practices are common within organizational behaviors, and their influence on innovation and
organizational members creativity is significant for all the four considered scales: organizational innovatio n,
climate for innovation, individual and team innovation.
Keywords: leadership; innovation; innovative work behavior
JEL Classification: M12
Software development companies in Romania represent one of the focus subjects of the IT industry
around the word, for the achieved performance, rapidity and reliability they offer. Leadership is being
performed within these subjects on a rather basic level, while innovative work behavior highlights the
employees inefficient and incomplete personal development, and an acute need for transformational
leaders to perform.
Advocates of transformational leadership expressed their confidence that the arrangements specific for
the past shall not guide the future. Therefore, software development industry in Romania is expected
to fully develop and achieve innovative results not only at organizational but mostly at individual
level, while transformational leaders adapt their tactics for the specific and age of the industry.
1 Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi, Ia si, Romania, Address: 11
Blvd. Carol I, Iasi, Romania, Corresponding author: gutu.ioana@yahoo.com.

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