Importance and Necessity of International Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters

AuthorGeorgeta Modiga
PositionDanubius University of Galati, Faculty of Law
International J
Danubius University
: Development of huma
due to international relations
international relations, countries
economic, cultura
l, environment
imposed structural changes in th
international order, with the int
human rights and fundamental
cooperation is based on the princ
domestic law, held in legal rules
multilateral legal instruments, re
a regional, regi
onal or universal,
areas addressed. Concerns in th
(particularly in military and co
according to the existing commo
: legal instruments; na
last century.
ch accounted for more than im
ultimately dete
rmined by a numb
and global.
Importance and Necessity of
al Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Ma
Georgeta Modiga
ity of Galati, Faculty of Law, georgeta.modiga@yah
man society as a whole, the states and nations of
the world h
s have been established and settled in time. In bilatera
ries have d eveloped cooperative activities in a variety of ar
ental, political, military and legal. Progress in all areas in the
the architecture world, something whi ch inevitably led to the
intensification of p
olitical dialogue that promoted peace, the
al freedoms, th e principles of democracy and the rule of la
rinciple of the permanent status and thus independence and so
les produced. Over time, cooperation of states was carried out
resulting in agreements, conventions, treaties etc. These legal
al, against the interests of the signatories, the magnitude and
the direction of intern ational cooperation have existed sin
commercial), developing
and diversifying them into perma
on interests at a time between different states.
national legislation; crime
ion in criminal matters is only one spe
cific area of c
, very important area that has become a necessity si
the company sought and always found different w
n immediate reactions to a number of dangers that t
ced by human society can of course be considered,
rall evolution of society its
elf. Thus, some were qu
e of the slave community, others in feudalism a
ent of society, we find that these dangers are no
mber of specific features of certain human commun
e can say that in its evolution, human society was an
ly be divided into intern
al, external and natural. At
ngerous threats to a community, requiring a rathe
t the fact that every threat, minor as it would be a
Legal Sciences
ld has been possible
eral or multilateral
areas, focusing on
he past century have
he creation of a new
the need to respect
f law. .International
ignty of their
ut under bilateral or
gal instruments have
d importance of the
since ancient times
rmanent, over time,
f cooperation activities
since the beginning of
t ways of self
at threatened peace and
ed, but only resulted in
quiet and even dangers
and thus other stage.
not identical, they are
unities, zonal, regional
s and is threatened by a
At present, it is hard to
ther complex analysis,
e appropriate untreated

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