Harmonization of Legislation of a Candidate Country with EU Legislation: Insights from the Prism of the Citizens of Macedonia

AuthorAbdula Azizi
Position1Associate Professor, PhD, SEE University
Harmonization of Legislati
Insights from th
Since the majority of the
although they have expr essed a willi
harmonization of national legislation
blem is not devoted adequate a
analyze the theoretical aspect of th
legislation, while they a lso learned t
survey was conducted with the citize
of Macedonian legislation and gove
hope that in the future this work wil
the harmonization of national legisla
Keywords: Euro-integration; h
1. Introduction
Harmonization of legislation of a can
EU membership. Harmonization of le
conflict with EU rules.
Macedonia has before itself a long w
order to meet the political criteria fo
of legislation with the EU, noted i n
implementation of laws" which expr
the future with the EU, as well as M
gradually made compatible with thos
Harmonization of legislation should
differences or specifics as legal no
should be within the limits given by
Associate Professor, PhD, SEE Unive
Legal Sciences in the New
lation of a Candidate Country with EU L
the Prism of the Citizens of Macedonia
Abdula Azizi
the Western Balkan countries remai n
outside the European Un
illingness to join the EU, it is considered necessary to examine th
tion of these countries with the EU legislation. So while until no
attention in scientific circles, it is considered necessary to ex
the harmonization of the l egislation of the candidate countries
d things fr
om practice the c urrent member states of the EU. In pa
tizens of Macedonia where they express their opinions on the harm
vernment policies related to Euro
-integration pr oce
sses in their
ill encourage research a nd other activities related to government
slation with EU legislation.
onization process; Europe
an Union legislation
candidate country with EU legislation is one of the pre
f legislation aims to create a legal system in the countr
g way and a lot of work to harmonize its legislation w
for EU membership. Determination of Macedonia for
in Art
icle 68 of the SAA, entitled "Harmonization of
xpresses the importance of the approximation of the la
Macedonia expressed readiness to ensure that its legi
hose of the EU.
uld not be understood as full identification laws, but
norms must fit the specific conditions in the country
by the EU, while differences should be reduced over t
Address: Ilindenska bb 1200 Tetovo, Republic
r: a.azizi@seeu.edu.mk.
New Millennium
Union (EU),
the topic of
now, to this
explain and
ies with EU
particular, a
ir country. I
ent policy on
preconditions for
ntry that will not
n with the EU, in
or harmonization
of legislation and
laws now and in
n will be
ut may be a few
try. However,
r time to full EU
lic of Macedonia

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