Green Economy - A New Dimension of Development

AuthorRaluca Mihalcioiu
PositionSenior Lecturer, PhD, Spiru Haret University, Bucharest, Romania
Green Economy
Abstract: The “
Green Economy” ha
key strategic tool for sustainable d
countries -
for developing but also fo
to accelerate the economic transform
of business, trade unions and envi
application ways. After 4 years of cr
avoid but at least s often their negati
economy and describes its charac
the question if the green economy
development. Moreover, the article
between environment and economy.
sustainable development
1. Introduction
As a new global economic paradig
development breakthrough. But its
economy and development models,
term of „sustainability”, and it is als
United Nations Environment Progra
improve well-being and social
scarcities, many doubt that the conc
2. Definitions of “Green Econom
According to th
the so-
called “Brundtland Commiss
that meets the needs of the present g
to meet their own needs. Sustainab
protection of the environment and na
Can be added anything new to this
economy” were formulated different
Senior Lecturer, PhD, Spiru Haret Univer
+4021 455 1000.
Corresponding author: ralu
Performance and Risks in the Eu
– A New Dimension of Development
Raluca Mihalcioiu
has been rec ognized by the international community (U nited Nat
development. The transition to a green economy must be a ta
for developed countries. Ec
onomy and consumers should therefo
ormation for their own interests. In developing this c oncept repre
nvironmental organizations are involved to ensure the practica
f crisis the concept of the green econo my is an important principl
ative effects. This paper focuses on definitions upon the conc ep
teristics in relation with the social market. It also tries to find the
y is the best way to choose in or der to provide a sustainable
le critically examines the concept of t
he green economy at the in
ent; economy; environment; performance; social equity
digm the concept of green economy wants to help t
ts social skills still need to be proved. In the search f
ls, the concept of “green econom
y” increasingly take
also based on the idea of a global “Green New Deal”.
gramme (UNEP) defines „Green Economy” as an ec
uity, while significantly reducing environmental risks
ncept of Green Economy is able to stimulate the idea
omy” and Sustainability
e World Commission on Environment and Developme
ission”, the concept of sustainable development descr
nt generation without compromising the ability
of futu
nable development thus combines economic develop
natural resources as well as social needs.
is concept of sustainable develo
pment? For the defini
ent approaches by both the United Nations Environme
versity, Bucharest, Romania
Address 13, Doamnei Str., Buchares
opean Economy
Nations) as a
task for all
efore be able
icability a
iple if not to
ept of green
he answer of
le economic
p the sustainable
h for sustainable
akes place of the
l”. But while the
economy which
ks and ecological
ea of sustainable
ment from 1987,
scribes a process
uture generations
opment with the
inition of “green
ment Programme
rest, Romania
. Tel.:

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