Financing Opportunities and Performance Improvement in Times of Economic Crisis. Case study: the Romanian Local Public Administration

AuthorDana Mihaela Murgescu
PositionNational School of Political Studies and Public Administration
Financing Opportuni
Economic Crisis. Case s
National School of Political Stu
The objectives targete
the level of the local public admi
extent of structural chan ges occu
in substituting traditional fundin
author’s prior work on the top
ic o
local economic development in
analysis performed at the regio
authorities in accessing Europe
theoreticians and practitioners, s
flexible, pro-acti
ve and involved
administrative capacity of the re
approach is new and the data com
Keywords: public sector;
1. Introduction
public expenditure.
Performance and Risks in the
unities and Performance Improvement
se study: the Romanian Local Public A
Dana Mihaela Murgescu
Studies and Public Administration, Faculty of Publ
eted by this research p aper refer to the analysis of the n ew eco
ministration in the Romanian regions. The paper will iden tify
ccurred at the level of the local public administration, as well
ding means with European funds. The paper at hand is a co
ic of regional differences in Romania and on the effects of Eur
in our country. The main methods used in the paper are:
gional level and the empirical stud y of the invol
pean funds. The implications of the research results are
s, since they indicate the willingness of local public administ
ed in enhancing its development. Also, co nclusions can be dra
regions. The value of the research results resides in the fact
ombination used provide
s a fresh perspective on the matter.
nomic crisis
; financing
hat took over most of the world in the past few
he Romanian economy. The pub
lic sector was part
g budgetary deficit and the additional pressure on
sis brought about an important decline of all econom
d several austerity measures for the public sector
lso be found in times of economic crisis, reflect
vate organ
izations, in an enhanced competitiveness
nd innovation, as tools for gaining a competitive ed
onomic crisis brought to light the opportunity t
e state budget, mainly the access to European funds
e economic crisis was very low in Romania, reachi
the European Economy
nt in Times of
economic context at
ify the existenc
e and
ell as efforts it made
co ntinuation of the
uropean funding on
re: the comparative
t of regional local
re valuable both to
istration to become
drawn regarding the
act that the analysis
w years had a severe,
articularly significantly
on the state and local
nomic sectors, a strong
tor, meant to decrease
ected especially in the
ess of all organizations
edge or for improving
o discover alternative
ds. The absorption rate
ching merely 10%.

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