EU Enlargement between Economic and Political Criteria

AuthorRomeo Ionescu
PositionProfessor, PhD, Danubius University of Galati, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Romania
EU Enlargement b
The paper answers at two
Is the Euro area able to enlarge
competitors: EU, USA, China and
rates. T he second part of the paper
Euro area, Croatia and Latvia, i n ord
of the two-
level analysis are suppo
statistical database – Eurostat –
adhering processes from 2013 and 20
adhering process; growth
JEL Classification:
R11; R12; R13
1. Introduction
recovery is worst across Euro area.
two enlargemen
ts on EU and Euro ar
Global Economy under the C
During 2011-
2012, the main econom
The global economic evolution
actors (see Figure 1).
PhD, Danubius University of G
Romania. Tel.: +40372 361 102, f
ax: +40372
Performance and Risks in the Eu
t between Economic
and Political Criter
Romeo-Victor Ionescu
wo important questions: Is the EU able to support new adhering p
rge in 2014? The comparative analysis in the paper covers four
d Japan, and is based on GDP growth rate, unemployment and
er deals with a n econo
mic f orecast during 2015-
2016, f ocused
order to discuss the effects of the adhering to EU and Euro area. T
pported by pertinent diagrams and annexes. The analysis uses
nd dedicated forecast software. The main conclusion of the paper
2014 are based on economic and political criteria.
wth rate; unemployment
rate; inflation rate; sustainable developme
allenge yet. All world economies implemented econo
economic recovery. Some of
them succeeded in ac
ther hand, EU27 was not able to obtain the same eco
ic competitors: USA, Japan and China. Moreover,
rested when EU announced Croatia adhering to the E
the Euro area in 2014. The problem is that these
basis. The paper deals with compara
tive analysis duri
n latest official statistical data and covers 2011
a forecast for 2015
2016, in order to analyse the first e
e Crisis’ Impact
omic actors faced to great socio
economic difficulties.
n and to support modest economic expansion,
ion may be analysed using three p ertinent indicators
tion rate.
ere are great disparities between the most important gl
Faculty of Economic Sciences, Romania.
Address: 3 Ga
372 361 290
. Corresponding author: romeo.v.ionescu@univ-
opean Economy
g processes?
ur economic
and inflation
ed on EU27,
. The results
es a n
er is that the
nomic and social
achieving better
economic growth
er, the economic
e EU27 this year
se two strategic
uring two levels.
014 time period.
st effects of these
ies. As a result, it
cially across the
ors: GDP growth
global eco
Galati Blvd, Galati,

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