Current and Ongoing Internet Crime Trends and Techniques. Preventive and Legislation Measures in Romania.

AuthorFlorin Postolache, Mihaela Postolache
PositionDanubius University of Galati, Faculty of Law - Danubius University of Galati
Legal Sciences
Current and Ongoing Internet Crime Tendencies and Techniques.
Preventive Legislation Measures in Romania
Florin Postolache
, Mihaela Postolache
Danubius University of Galati, Faculty of Law,
Danubius University of Galati,
Abstract: Internet crime techniques that p ilfer from victims millions each year continue to plague the Internet
through a range of methods. Trends and techniques identified by many organizations along with its
description are followed by p reventative measures that will support you in being informed prior to entering
into dealings and transactions over the Internet. Techniques as Auction Fraud, Counterfeit Cashier's Check,
Credit Card Fraud, Debt Elimination, P arcel Courier Email Scheme, Employment/Busi ness Opportunities,
Escrow Services Fraud, Identity Theft, Internet Extortion, Investment Fraud, Lotter ies, Nigerian Letter or
"419", Phishing/Spoofing, Ponzi/Pyramid, Reshipping, Spam, Third Party Recei ver of Funds are clarified in
this paper and, also the internet crime prevention and legislative measures are treated, too.
Keywords: internet crime; e-fraud techniques.
1. Introduction
The Internet is so good, but in some situations so blamed! The various criminal means keeps affecting
the internet, making huge loses around millions of euro annually. The current and future trends in
stopping the scourge of crime on internet have materialized and in Romania there have been
attempting to adapt the legislation and cooperation with other countries. Thus, lately our country has
known an increase of the informatics criminality, which brought us a global well-known “brand”, by
incorporating the country’s name in labelling the method. In this paper we analyze the most common
methods and criminal schemes but also ways to prevent them.
Methods and Means of Preventing Computing Criminality
The auction fraud: involves deceiving one of the parties after a bid made on a specialized site in
selling or buying products through auction. In general, there are posted ads of selling products, at very
attractive prices. After the auction is made and the product is acquired virtually, the product is paid
and often enough the transaction stops here and the buyer does not receive anything. This method is
associated to our country and is called the “Romanian auction fraud”. Sometimes the seller directs the
victim towards an escrow service that is compromised and/or fake, and that, in the most cases, belongs
to the seller. Once the money is electronically transferred, the connection is interrupted and the seller
is unreachable.

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