Corporate Governance

AuthorDragos-Mihail Daghie
PositionDunarea de Jos University of Galati, Faculty of Juridical, Social and Political Sciences
European Integration -
“Dunărea de Jos” Universi
The purpose of this stu
of a co mpany limited by share
created this form of controlling t
define what it wants to achieve
roman commercial law s
in Romania in 2006) but in term
Smith: The Wealth of Nations) T
rules that companies must comp
both shareholders and for the m
efficiency and economic growth
governance assumes a series of r
the other people concerned. Als
company’s targets are set out
: company; manageme
The Notion of Corporate G
Greek and Latin. The word
meaning leadership,
defined in the O.E.C.D.
According to O.E.
See also F. Stârc-Meclejan,
administraţie al societăţii pe acţiuni
stock company’s board of directors)
, w
Organization for Economic Co-
O.E.C.D. Principles, 2004.
lities and Perspectives
Corporate Governance
Dragoș-Mihail Daghie
ersity of Galati, Faculty of Juridical, Social and Pol
study is to analyze and understand the recently introduced form
ares. The Law no. 441/2006, which fundamentally amended
g the company, the corporate go
vernance, but the legislation d
eve through this instrument. This topic is recent in research
w systems (in French corporate governance system was introd
rms of Anglo
Saxon law, the topic has been addressed years s
) The concept of corporate governance would like, as a result,
mply in orde
r t o achieve effective governance, transparent a
Corporate governance is a key element with an a
wth in full accordance with the increase of investors’ confi
f relationship between the company management, leadership,
Also corp orate governance provides for that structure by me
and the means to achieve them and also the manner how to mo
ment; investor
e Governance
oint, the notion of „corporate governance” has it
is derived from the Latin corpus,
which me
atin verb
corporare standing
for „forming into a s
of persons that is a group of persons authorized
word “governance” comes from the Latinized Gr
ent. This
comes, in turn, from ancien
to guide, to behave like a pilot
manian company legal system, the notion of corpo
ciples by establishing rules that commercial socie
transparent and beneficial administration, for bot
corporate governance is a key element i
area principiilor guvernanţei corporative asupra reformei reg
(Reflecting the principles of corporate governance on the refo
, within
„Pandectele române” –
supplement to the Works o
within West
University of Timişoara 2006, 2007, page 624 a
ation and Development
olitical Sciences,
orm of management
ded Company Law,
n does not explicitly
rch as the theme of
roduced in 1966 an
s since 1776 (Adam
lt, to establish some
t and beneficial for
n aim at improving
dence. Corporate
ip, shareholders and
means of which the
monitor such.
s its origins in ancient
means body, which, in
a single body”, while a
ed to behave, act as a
– “gubernatio”,
ient Greek
- kybernao
porate governance was
cieties must respect in
both major and minor
n view of improving
reglementării consiliului de
eform of regulating t he joint
of International Bi
4 and following.

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