Concept of Suzerainty

AuthorCristian Jura - Denis Buruian
PositionAssociate Professor, PhD, Christian University 'Dimitrie Cantemir', Bucharest, Romania and State Secretary at National Council for Combating Discrimination, Bucharest, Romania - Lawyer, Bucharest Bar, Romania
This article approaches th
and disagreements, being also subjec
this sensitive and especially c urrent
international personality of state is re
bodies a nd structures is possible on
suzerainty, as essential element char
the community organized in the st
analyzed both the internal and exte
possible –
the characteristics of the c
internal suzerainty; exter
1. Introduction
Concept often used currently, grou
„suzerainty” is a term with long hist
and definition of suzerainty as co
philosophy or political science
the nucleic signification of the term
organization and operation of hu
representing the exclusive right to
and/or judicial) over some geographi
Generally, the notion is inseparable
foundation of state.
The professor Gr. Geam
nu asserted
”, (Geam
nu, 1967) whereas G
as an essential trait thereof, under
state”. (Moca, 1983)
There are many definitions of state
different schools of thinki
organisations, specialists provided d
rather in the area of political the
Associate Professor,
PhD, Christian Unive
Council for Combating Dis
crimination, Buc
+4021 330 8931. Co
rresponding author: cris
, Bucharest Bar, Romania, Address
Legal Sciences in the New
Concept of Suzerainty
Cristian Jura
, Denis Buruian
s the concept of suzerainty, which, in time, has generated severa
ject of
conventions, treaties and international mediations. I have ap
nt since in contemporary inter national law, the political and legal
s represented by its suzerainty; also
, the integration of states in ove
only for the states having the suzerainty acknowledged. Consid
haracterizing the state, gives expression both to the authority exer
state and to some directed t owards the exterior of communit
xternal suzerainty. This articles focuses on determining
as ac
e con
cept of suzerainty and of the limits of exercising the suzerain
ternal suzerainty; suzerain power; absolute suzerainty; state powe
rounded on defining and organizing the
society we
istory. The discussions and controversies generated by
concept were different depending on the currents
ernating in time. The great theorists in these fields trie
term depending on the elements constituting their v
human society. This day, suzerainty is a wide a
to exercise the supreme political authority (legislat
phical areas, of a group of people or themselves.
ble from the state concept, su
zerainty being closely
ted that suzerainty „
as institution, (...) appears when
Gh. Moca stated that „
suzerainty appeared with the p
er the conditions of division of gentilic order (...) a
ate. Practically, depending on the moment in time, on
the international relations, on state interests or othe
d different significations of the term, ranging from n
theory, to concepts subordinated exclusivel
y to the
“Dimitrie Cantemir”
, Bucharest, Romania and State Sec
ucharest, Romania.
Address: 176 Splaiul Unirii, Bucharest, 03013
ess: 3
Dr. Dumitru Râureanu Str., District 5, Bucharest, 050047
New Millennium
eral disputes
e approached
al ground of
sidering that
sed over
nity, I have
accurate as
e are living in,
by the validation
ts of thought in
ried to determine
r view about the
e accep
ted term
lative, executive
ly related to the
en states begin to
e power of st
) and creation of
, on ideology, on
ther international
notions situated
the principles of
ecretary at National
Romania. Tel:
, Romania
. E-mail:

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