Comparison of the Public Procurement System in Romania and the UK

AuthorMihai-Bogdan Petrisor
Performance and Risks in the European Economy
Comparison of the Public Procurement
System in Romania and the UK
Mihai-Bogdan Petrișor1
Abstract: The present paper aims at a comparative study in the EU, mainly focusing on the analysis of the
United Kingdom and Romania on procurement systems. One of the points made is that the European Union is
trying an u pgrade and revision of the regulations on public procurement, thus trying to promote quality and
innovation in this area.
Keywords: public procurement, reform, public system
JEL Classification: H50; K00; H53
Constitutional framework for the organization and functioning of state administration structures differ
considerably from country to country. It is necessary to know and understand this framework different
constitutional principles and rules as this we can determine how to choose a specific operating
structures of the state administration.
A simple comparison of these national systems we can reveal that there is a general pattern of
organization and functioning of state administration. Study on National Procurement systems in the 28
Member States of the European Union has shown that, in every state, the legal framework is given by
national legislation harmonized (Nuta A, 2014) with European legislation transposing EU Directives.
Institutional framework highlights that there is a single common model of shape and tools used. Thus
some states have public procurement regulatory institutions such as France, Latvia, Luxembourg's,
Sweden, Germany, in contrast to other public institutions meet state regulatory role subordinate
governments or ministries such as: Belgium , Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece,
Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Malta,
United Kingdom. In these countries, specialized public institutions are ministries, departments, offices,
authorities, units and offices as appropriate.
1 Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania, Address: 22, Carol I
Bvd., 700505, Iasi, Romania, Tel.: +40 232 201440, Corresponding author:

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