The Changes Made to the Criminal Procedure Code by the law no. 202 of October 25TH 2010 and their Importance

AuthorDragu Cretu, Georgian Dan
European Integration -
The Chan
Code by the law no. 2
Danubius University
Among the most impo
also several related to the lack o
been discussed the matter of the
in the celerity with which the cas
order to create conditions which
optimum and predictable terms,
published the Law 202 of 25.10.2
Criminal procedure;
with which the rights an
d obligati
criminal pr
oceedings, because on
es and Perspectives
anges Made to the Criminal Procedure
o. 202 of October 25
2010 and their I
Dragu Creţu
, Georgian Dan
ity of Galati, Faculty of Law, dragu.cretu@univ
IPJ, Galati,
portant dysfunctions characterizing the Romanian justice, t he
k of celerity with which the cases brought to justice are solve
he eff
iciency in the administration of the act of ju stice which c
cases are solved irrevocably, especially the cri minal ones. As
ch would lead to shortening the pr
oceedings and deployment o
s, in the Official Journal of Romania, Part I, no. 714 of 26.10
0.2010 regarding several measures for the trial settlement proc
re; judicial procedures; motives; mediation; celerity
m accompanying the project of this Law it is show
justice, the harshest criticism has been directed
Because the legal proceedings often prove difficul
fectiveness of administrating the act of justice lies l
ations established by the decisions of the courts of l
ity of the legal relations brought to justice.
rocedure Code, was intended, as critical objectiv
ngs of a modern legal framework which would f
modern justice, adapted to the social expectation
lity of this public service
eadline for the expected entry in force of the new
established several procedural rules with immed
the code and in agreement to
the legal solution
ncy of the legal proceedings and the expeditious reso
ent several newly introduced procedural rules and
on art. XVIII it is stated that the Criminal Procedu
ania, Part I, no. 78 of April 30
1997, with the subse
and completed for this purp
ir Importance
there were identified
lved. As such, it has
h consists, inter alia,
s a consequence, in
t of the trials within
.10.2010 it has been
hown that of the major
ed to
wards the lack of
cult, formal, costly and
s largely in the celerity
of law enter in the legal
tive, the creation w
d fully respond to the
ions, as well as to the
ew Criminal Procedure
ediate effects on the
ions established by it,
resolution of the trials.
and mechanisms to the
dure Code, republished
bsequent modifications

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