A Snap Shot on Business Ethic and Ethic in Business

AuthorHassan Danaee Fard, Mohammad Reza Noruzi
European Integration -
A Snap Shot
Faculty of Economics a
Public Sector Poli
An ethical issue in b
customers and communities. It
every company or organization
important. This paper aims to stu
: ethic; opportunities;
1. Introduction
the mentioned
values for exampl
approaches comes as well.
At t
discusses in detail.
2. Ethic and Environment
between human beings
moral status of the environment.
es and Perspectives
ot on Business Ethic and Ethic in Busin
an Danaee Fard
, Mohammad Reza Noruzi
s and Management, Tarbiat Modarres University, T
olicy Making, Tarbiat Modarres
University, Tehran
n business is increasing and it is being focused on by the b
It was important from the beginning and is important also n
n for being survival and comparative should pay much more
study the ethic and some of related issues around it.
s; challenges; business
NEs and local countries are commonly thought to
, justice, competence and utility
values desc
for business, respect and trust
in locals, environm
man and environmental protective legislation (C.
nd other nationalities there will be other factors ad
ples in Islamic countries because they have Islam
d management values.
hic and environment and then business ethic an
t the end the some recommendations to improve
the study of right and wrong conduct within a defi
and ethical roles.
ts and defends a systematic and comprehensive a
gs and their natural environment (Des Jardins, 20
al relationship between human beings and nature an
, Tehran, Iran,
ran, Iran,
e business markets,
o now as well.
ore attention to this
to share four universal
escribed elsewhere as
nmental protection and
F. Wu, 2001,
p. 222).
added or omitted from
amic based values then
and different business
ove the business ethic
efined environment i.e.
e account of the moral
2001, p. 13). It is the
and also the value and

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