Territorial-administrative reorganization, a perspective of the scientific concepts

AuthorEmil Balan
PositionProfessor Ph.D., National School of Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest, Romania
Emil Balan
Emil B;LAN
The traditional problem posed by the organization of public administration is to determine
whether the activities that offer it content are going to be entrusted to one and the same
administration – the State’s one – or are they going to be distributed to several components,
having their own authority and territorial dispersion. Without denying the unity of Romanian
public administration, we are going to notice that we are facing in front of an administration built
in such a manner to ensure two main categories of interest: the national interest and the local
ones. In the field literature we find the opinion of two subsystems of the public administration: the
national subsystem and the local subsystem. Both public administrations have a common
territorial support, even if it has different significations as the one of administrative
circumscription in the national subsystem and the other one of collectivity in the local subsystem
The reorganization of the Romanian public administration must be grounded on the consecrated
scientific significance of the terms employed, the present study aiming to be a contribution to this
process of clarification.
Keywords: public administration, system, administrative unit, local collectivity,
1. Introduction
The study of the organization of public administration involves the research of the principles
that ground the constitution of the assembly that formally form this system, the rapports between
them and the characteristics of e ach component.
From a material point of view, as an activity that serves the public interest transposed into
law, public administration is realized through a variety of organizational forms that make the
public administration system.
At its turn, this gearing is a subsystem of the global society.
Having the role to accomplish political values, through which the general interests of the
society are expressed, public administration is related to the state power. Executive power is the
one that ensures the management and the control of the whole public administration system,
established for the realization of the general interests of the society.
* Professor Ph.D., National School of Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest, Romania
(email: emil_balan2005@yahoo.fr). Beneficiary of the project “Re-structuring the program of doctoral training and
research in the fields of political sciences, administrative sciences, sociological and communication sciences -
DOCT”, co-funded by the European Union through the European Social Fund, Sectorial Operational Program
Human Resources Development 2007-2013.

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