The Price and Determination of the Price in the Sales Agreement

AuthorSasha Dukoski - Berat Aqifi
PositionProfessor PhD, Law Faculty-Kicevo, UKLO Bitola, Macedonia - Prof.Ass, University 'Kadri Zeka', Faculty of Law in Gjilan, Republic of Kosovo
The Price and Determination
of the Price in the Sales Agreement
, Berat AQIFI
Abstract: The development of international trade in the current conditions of globalization and the
impact of the development of the global economy, but also cooperation and closeness among nations is
not left without legal rules designed to underpin the relations of social commerce with foreign elements.
One of the relevant dimensions of international trade is the contract for international sales. The
performance of the contract for international sales also includes the legal problems that are detected by
identifying and enabling precise adaptation clauses to represent the progress of future contractual
relations with a foreign element. Specific clauses of the contracts for international sales are of great
importance and interest because they cover legal reality in the direction in which the contract is
emerging as an effective tool for the achievement of the interests of the parties and the purposes for
which they were created. This reality is the reason that has pushed to making efforts in understanding
and improvement of specific clauses of the contract for international sales in order to monitor the
dynamic changes in the business and legal community.
Keywords: international sales; globalization; contracts; clauses
1. Sales Agreement
The sales agreement is the most important agreement in the field of trade of
goods: no sale is not possible without the trade of goods! The basic principle
of international sales is the principle of autonomy of the will of the parties,
with certain limitations imposed by national law as an expression of the
interest of the state to regulate international trade. According to different
Professor PhD, Law Faculty-Kicevo, UKLO Bitola, Macedonia, Address: Rudnikka BB, 6500
Kichevo, Partizanska bb, 7000 Bitola, Vlado Maleski Tale 24, 6500 Struga, Macedonia, Corresponding
Prof.Ass, University “Kadri Zeka”, Faculty of Law in Gjilan, Republic of Kosovo, Address: st.”Zija
Shemsiu” nn. 60000 Gjilan, Republic of Kosovo, Tel.: +381 280-390-112, E-mail: berat.aqifi@uni-
AUDJ, vol. 13, no. 2/2017, pp. 113-121

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