The normative of the European Commission for liberal professions and business environment

AuthorSulejman Ahmedi/Gjulsume Sulejmani
The normative of the European Commission for liberal professions
and business environment
Professor Sulejman AHMEDI1
The liberal professions today in many countries make a substantial contribution to
provide high quality provisions in the field of “social goods” as health and judicial
services, well in general public services for the protection of citizens' rights and economic
The liberal professions are a component of every democratic community and a
significant potential to increase employment and gross domestic product of each country-
GDP. In this thesis we have presented the normative of the European Commission for
liberal professions, their service offering, organization of the work, supervision and
ensuring the quality of competent state institutions.
The unitary concept of "liberal professions" in some EU member countries is not
used, but the system of the respective professions with their social problems and their
solutions can be found in every EU country.
Liberal professions even though many states have evolved and now they have an
important role in the classification of the professions, however in many developed countries
still encounter these professions as closed systems, to maintain great privileges for its
members in order modern efforts to increase competition in these sectors have faced
serious resistance.
Recently, the limitations in this field have been increasingly criticized for their
consequences anti corruption related and lack of legitimacy of the European Commission,
namely the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development -OECD.
On the base of group work, the Commission has highlighted specific lines of acting
in favor of convenient entrepreneurial ambient for them who perform liberal professions in
the above mentioned fields.
The Examination of the concerned issue will be based on a multi-dimensional
approach, using all typical methods of judicial, social researches, especially will be used
the comparative, analytical, statistical, normative methods, based on the literature relevant
to the subject, and other judicial acts.
Keywords: liberal professions, European Commission, The normative of the UE,
business environment, potential
JEL Classification: K20, K33
1 Sulejman Ahmedi – The State University of Tetovo, Macedonia,
2 Gjulsume Sulejmani – Court collaborator on the Basic Court of Gostivar, Macedonia,

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