Sport sponsorship contracts

Author:Tu?çe Oral
Position:Faculty of Law, University of Ankara, Turkey,
Sport sponsorship contracts
PhD. Tuğçe ORAL1
Sports organization s constitute the biggest events of the world and a re usually
widely followed. The main financia l source of many a thletes or spor ts organizations is the
sponsorship, which enables the sponsor to reach customers. In this paper, I begin by defining
the sponsorship, sponsor ship contra cts and sport sponsorship contra cts. Then, I will discuss
the legal nature of them. Secondly, I will an alyze the pa rties of this contr act. In addition, I
will dea l with the objects of sport sponsor ship contra cts, na mely the aims of promotion,
image transfer and increa se engagement with its target audience and to reach a larger target
market for the sponsor; and pr ovide funding and promotion for the sponsore d par ty. Finally,
I will discuss the rights and obligations of this contracts a nd in conclusion I will examine
whether it is possible for the p arties to claim da mages for non -pecuniary loss in the case of
a violation of persona lity rights.
Keywords: sponsorship, sport sponsorship, legal nature of sponsorship, image transfer,
JEL Classification: K12, K29
1. Introduction
Sponsorship has become one of the most important means of marketing and
sport is the most appropriate industry to approach customers. While concluding a
sponsorship contract, the sponsor aims to promote itself and increase engagement
with its target audience and to reach a larger target market. In order to realize this,
the sponsor transfers the image of the sponsored party and this characteristic of the
sponsorship contracts distinguishes it from other conventional means of
communication such as advertisement, propaganda or public relations.
As the sports organizations are one of the best ways to reach large masses,
sponsors prefer to provide financing or any other support to athletes, sports clubs or
teams, federations or sports organizations. Therefore, almost every professional
athlete, coach, sports club or organization has a sponsor in exchange for a marketing
or promotion service. That is why sport sponsorship is the most preferred type of
2. The definition and legal nature of sponsorship and sport sponsorship
A. The definition of sponsorship and sport sponsorship contracts.
Sponsorship contract2 is a contract, whereby one of the parties undertakes to provide
1 Tuğçe Oral - Faculty of Law, University of Ankara, Turkey,
2 According to ICC International Co de on Sponsorship, the sponsoring was defined as follows:
“Sponsorship: any commercial agr eement by which a sponsor, for the mutual b enefit of the sponsor
and sponsored party, contractually provides financing or other suppor t in order to establish a n

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