Privacy protection and e-document management in public administration

AuthorOlga Sovova/Miroslav Sova/Zdenek Fiala
Privacy protection and e-document management
in public administration
Dr. Iur. Olga SOVOVA1, Ph. D.
Miroslav SOVA2, MIT
Dr. Zdenek FIALA3, Ph. D.
The paper reviews and critically examines sharing e-document-based information
between public administration and private sector. The documents are not only generated and
archived, but also shared among public administrators. The private sector supports
digitisation and computerization of public administration. The protection of privacy of
persons and confidential information, especially economic about legal entities, together with
the necessity of circulation of information within the national state and cross-border, bring
new legal and technical challenges. The paper examines legal issues of the right of
informational self-determination, privacy protection of the e-data information exchange
between the public and private sector. The paper concludes that new relations to technologies
form an inevitable and fundamental sign of a post-industrial society, but the professionalism
of the public administration together with the duty of confidentiality and the right for privacy
together with appropriate legal regulation should guarantee that technologies be used solely
for legal interference with the right for informational self-determination.
Keywords: public administration; private sector; informational self-determination;
privacy protection; e-data exchange; paper document digitisation.
JEL Classification: K24
1. Introduction
Working with information is one of the fundamental areas of managerial
activities within private and public management. Information Management is a
unifying discipline, which enables improvement of qualities of everyday work.
Both contemporary theory and practice speak about a global information
technology society, which takes many forms. Its specific types and characteristics
also depend on historical and geographical conditions.4
1 Olga Sovová - the Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague,
2 Miroslav Sova - the Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague,
3 Zdeněk Fiala - the Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague,
4 Bell, David The Coming of Post-Industrial Society: A Venture in Social Forecasting. Special
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E. Global Information Society: Technology, Knowledge, and Mobility. Lanham: Rowman &
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společnosti. In: Bezpečnost v podmínkách organizací a institucí ČR: sborník z mezinárodní
konference. 1 Vyd.. Prague Soukromá vysoká škola ekonomických studií 2005, p. 76.

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