Integrity in the business environment

AuthorMarieta Safta
PositionFaculty of Law, Titu Maiorescu University of Bucharest, Romania,
Integrity in the business environment
Associate professor Marieta SAFTA1
Increasin g integrity, redu cing vulnerabilities a nd corr uption risks in the business
environment is a strategic goal. Its achievement implies specific measures such as the
exchange of good practices in the implementation of integrity progr ams between the private
and the public sector, the organization of regula r public consulta tions between
representa tives of the public sector and the business sector on the nationa l a nticorruption
agenda and the public policies with impact on the activity economic development of a nti-
bribery policies and programs developed at the level of companies, including by br inging
them to the a ttention of potential contr actors a nd suppliers a nd requiring compliance with
equivalent standar ds, initiating dialogue with regula tory author ities in area s such as ener gy,
mineral r esources, to implement legal standar ds integrity. The present study is dedicated to
the analysis of integrity issues in the business environment, to the specific measures a dopted
by the Romanian sta te in accorda nce with a nd in the application of interna tional reference
standa rds, as well as to the perspectives in this essential a rea of business law.
Keywords: integrity, business environment, public policies, national an ti-corruption agenda.
JEL Classification: K22
1. Introduction
The word integrity comes from the Latin - integrum” and means „totality
or „entirety”. The explanatory dictionary of the Romanian language defines this term
in a number of ways, including the attribute of being righteous; honest, probity;
incorruptibility. The desideratum of integrity, here understood, is a general one at
the level of society, both applicable and necessary to be achieved in the business
environment. At both international and national levels, projects have been developed
and studies have been written on integrity in the business environment and there is a
wealth of legislation in the field, including specific international conventions. For
example, the UN Convention against Corruption, the Civil law Convention on
Corruption, the Criminal Law Convention on Corruption, the OECD Convention on
Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business
Transactions, the Recommendation of the Council for Further Combating Bribery of
Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions 2.
Integrity in the business environment is closely related to the fight
against corruption, but it is not confused with it, its scope being much broader.
1 Marieta Safta Faculty of Law, Titu Maiorescu University of Bucharest, Romania, marietasafta@
2ie+Internaional (consulted on 15.10.2018).

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