Governance of Human Rights in Albania

AuthorKasem Cenaj - Myzafer Elezi
PositionEuropean University of Tirana, Albania - Lecturer at the Department of Law, of the University of Vlora 'Ismail Qemali', Neighborhood 'Pavarsia', Vlorë, Albania
European and International Law
Abstract: Restriction or control
essence of good governance an
guarantees, respect and protectio
process of governance, has the r
related to public activity. Europe
states of the Council of Europe
member countries, including Al
rights, based on the principles a
was developed in the 4 Novem
governance of human rights in
publications and official r eports
of i mportant international Conv
Albania, to evaluate the governan
Keywords: human rights; gover
Committee of Helsinki
1. Introduction
Governance is the complex l
with their properties and
practices and character of l
by taking responsibility fo
mission, and to meet its go
evolved and changed, and
European University of T
Lecturer at the Department o
"Pavarsia", Vlorë, Albania. Tel.:
European and International Law
Governance of Human Rights in Alban
Kasem CENAJ1, Myzafer ELEZI 2
rol of democratic process itself for the executive power constitut
and fa ir. As related to the quality of governance, are a lso issu
tion of fundamental freedoms a nd human rights. Significant role,
e right to i nformation, the right to dialogue, participation, those a
pean Convention of Human Rights is the basic principles of a ll m
pe, to show and measured democracies values, peace and justic
Albania have included in the normative provisions, laws on h
s and decisions of the European Convention on Human Rights,
vember 1950. The purpose of the article is to give an overvi
in Albania. For the realization of the article are exploiting aca
rts of important organizations and institutions. The article made an
nvents of Human Rights and the legal framework of human rig
nance of human rights.
vernance; Eur opean Convent of Human Right; Albanian Constit
plex logical operations within a body or entity in accorda
nd the district. Governance has to do with the struc
of leadership, management, supervision, and care exerc
for a particular entity, in order to effectively carry out
goals and objectives. From time to time, human society
and the same thing happened with the same manne
Tirana, Albania. Tel.: 0 0355695527763. Corresponding a
t of Law, of the University of Vlora "Ismail Qemali", Neighbo
l.: 00355695527763. Corresponding author: myzafer.elezi@gmail
AUDJ, vol. 10, no. 1/2014, pp
European and International Law
itutes the
issues of
le, in the
e actions
stice. All
n human
ts, which
rview of
e analyze
rights in
out its
iety has
nner or
pp. 5-15

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