The Constitutive Content of the Operating a Motor Vehicle without a Valid Driver's License Offense according to the New Criminal Code

AuthorIon Rusu
PositionAssociate Professor, PhD, 'George Bacovia' University of Bacau, Romania
Abstract: The purpose and the o
the operating a motor vehicle wi
judicial practice that may b e cu
force of the New Romanian Crim
content referring to the j udicial p
both theorists and practitioners in
Keywords: offense; the New Ro
1. Introduction
In the recent years, amid t
traffic on public roads, the
measures aiming at dimi
measures, there were conduc
incriminated the new facts
Amid this background, the
which implies the exclus
Criminal Code.
According to the legislator
against traffic safety on p
marginal name of Title V
against the security of traff
Associate Pr ofessor, PhD, “Ge
Marasesti, 600164 Bacau, Roma
IS DANUBIUS Vol. 10, no. 1/20
The Constitutive Content of the Operat
a Motor Vehicle without a Valid Driver’
License Offense according
to the New Criminal Code
e objectives of the research aim at examining the constitutive cont
without a valid driver’ s license offense, presenting recent examp
current still in terms of the new regulations imposed by the entr
Criminal Code. The research results consist of examining the consti
al practice and highlighting p ractical issues. The study can be usef
s in the field.
Romanian Criminal Code; judicial practice
id the unprecedented increase of criminality in the are
he authorized bodies of the Romanian state ordered se
diminishing the phenomenon as a whole. Among ot
conducted also numerous changes in legislation, be
cts affecting the most important social values.
there was the need of incriminating such acts in a new
lusion from the special law and their provision in
ator’ s conception of the New Criminal Code, the offe
on public roads are set out in Chapter II, with the s
e VII “Crimes against public safety”, after the offe
affic on railway.
“George Bacovia” University of Bacau, Romania, Address: 157
mania, Tel.: +4034116448, Fax: +4034116448, Corresponding a
AUDJ, vol. 10, no. 1/2014, pp.
no. 1/2014
river’ s
ontent of
mples of
ntry into
seful for
area of
d several
g other
on, being
w way,
in the
he same
57 Calea
g author:
p. 54-63

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