Where Are You Going, Humanity?

AuthorConstantin Frosin
Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Communication Science
Where Are You Going, Humanity?
Constantin Frosin1
On the sidelines of life, stands... starting point - Genesis
On the sidelines of Genesis stands Death
In the center of the Periphery, stars... the Centre
In the center of the Center, there is the point. No point, no Center…
At the origin of the Center and of the Periphery, there is a point.
On the sidelines of the Point, there are so the Centre that the Periphery...
The Point, unlike the Centre and the Periphery, has no limits. The only Nothingness limits the
unlimited Point…
From Ne/No to Point/Not at all, there is but a No… In the presence of Pas, Point becomes positive, or
if you prefer, disappears as Negation...
The Point, the infinitely small ... The Infinite, the infinitely large...
And the Centre, then? Can we speak of the center of a Point or of the center of the Infinite?
Not even of the Centre of the Periphery, the less of the Centre of the Marge...
The Centre, would it be something that “is between” willingly or by force in the infinitely
Grand/Large, which is unrealistic and utopian? Can we redefine the Infinite with the means at hand?
Or «le S entre », but what is this « S »? The “no-Tr” (sans Tr) could mean the abandonment of
materiality (Tr is for the land, for example).
One question remains: this center does it really exist? Compared to what? What geometrician/surveyor
(or Geo-Master...) could decide? Or there he has that thinks he’s the Center of the world, or the navel
of the Earth?
Alas, everything passes, everything breaks while tired... In the past, we dreamed of a storefront, now
it's the Rush Green, the return to Nature - only, this does not risk lead to a recurrence of the Noble
Savage? This is not likely to lead…
1 Professor, PhD, Faculty of Communication and International Relations, Danubius University of Galati, Romania. Address:
3 Galati Blvd, Galati 800654, Romania, Tel.: +40372 361 102, Fax: +40372 361 290 . Corresponding author:

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