Tribunal of the European Union

Author:Ioana Nely Militaru - Ileana Voica
Position:Law Department, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania - Law Department, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania
Tribunal of the European Union
Associate professor PhD. Ioana Nely MILITARU
Lecturer PhD. Ileana VOICA2
The scientific paper is structured to highlight the issues that define the need to
establish the Tribuna l. Thus, the second instance of the Court of Justice or the General
Court was created under the workload of the Cour t ha d become incompatible with the
requirements of the proper administration of justice. Utility setting is highlighted Court and
proven in the paper, by ana lyzing the composition, or ganization, functioning and
jurisdiction of the Court. EU Cour t is the first step towar ds diversifying the EU jurisdiction.
This ha s entailed the r edistribution of previous skills held by the Court of Justice of the
Europea n Union by the Court, while safeguar ding its power of review.
Keywords: Tribunal of the European Union, ca se law, the Treaty of Lisbon,
JEL Classification: K33, K40
1. Introduction
Court of First Instance (CFI)3 is the first step towards diversifying the
jurisdiction of the Community/Union, redistributing previous powers held by the
Court for the benefit of other EU jurisdictions, provided, well understood, the
protection of Supreme Court4 review.
Article 168A EC and 32 quinto ECSC introduced by the SEA fully realized
diversification requirements of Community jurisdiction. These articles authorize
the Council, acting unanimously after consulting the Court on the request of the
Commission and the European Parliament to establish the Court of Justice
jurisdiction assigned to examine at first instance certain categories of disputes
subject to appeal before the ECJ limited to issues under the conditions fixed by
1 Ioana Nely Militaru - Law Department, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania,
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