Thematic Structures of EU News in 'Adevarul

AuthorRuxandra Ileana Boicu
PositionAssociate Professor, PhD, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies, Romania
European Integration -
Realities a
Thematic Str
This study assesses the th
quality newspaper. It is meant to mak
coverage in Romanian media. To th
February, 2013). As apparent in prev
states), EU coverage has had a low sh
“Adevarul”. Relying on a cor pus of a
the main thematic areas embedded i
through a statistical a
nalysis of sal
typologies of news framing, which e
structures. This study st ands for a sec
used indicators and discovering new
thematic structures and cultural differ
: EU coverage; print press;
1. Introduction
Although there are some previous s
our research purposes is not vast. It
ideological aspects of the Europeani
need for public deliberation, demo
quantitative studies on the EU news
to television news and they focused
parliamentary sessions, elections, e
underlay either measuring news visib
Although we emphasize our researc
this study belongs concerns the wh
print press) that supply information
way this i nformation is usually pres
member states. The visibility
make up a complex grid meant to
There is also a substantive compone
the thematic structures and evaluativ
involved have synthesized previou
3 Iuliu Maniu Blvd, Co mplex “Leu”,
Corresponding author: ruxandra-
es and Perspectives
Structures of EU News in “Adevarul”
Ruxandra Boicu
thematic structure of the news about the European Union, in a
ake up for the scarcity of s pecialized literature and adequate theo
this end, we mon
itored the “Ade varul” daily for one month
revious research in European national media (focused on older E
share in the economy of the a nalyzed media outlets. The same is
f articles published in “Adevarul”, our objective is to reveal and h
d i n this paper editorial strategy, in terms of visibility and p ub
salience indicators. This research was substantiated by the th
h enabled us to explain the differences in visibility of the analyze
section of a cross
al project that attempts at organizing the
new zones of interest in EU coverage, such as the interrelatio
ferences in the news approach across national media outlets.
ss; news framing
s studies whose objectives are related to ours, the lite
It mainly consists of qualitative analyses, specifically
anization of the national media systems in the EU sta
monstrated through theoretical arguments. It is only
ws hav
e also been published, although their corpuses w
ed on media representation of special events in the EU
, etc.). It is worth mentioning that the authors’ an
isibility or classifying the news themes.
arch on a small corpus, the cross
national research pr
whole landscape of national media outlets
(Radio, TV
on about the European Union institutions, legislation,
resented to Romanian audiences or to media consume
cators used in our research (news placement, length, fr
to systematically measure the types of EU news in n
onent of our research project, enabling the project tea
tive tendencies preferred in their national media. The r
iously used statistical analysis indicators and have
Bucharest, Facul ty of Journalism and Communication Studies, R
”, Corp A, floor 6 , sector 6, Bucharest, Romania
Tel.: (+ &
a Romanian
eories on EU
h (January
r EU member
true about
d hierarchize
ublic impact,
theories and
zed thematic
he previously
tion between
literature serving
devoted to the
states, and to the
nly recently that
es were narrowed
U activities (EU
l effort
project to which
TV, News sites,
n, as well as the
mers in other EU
, frequency, etc.)
national media.
ms to compare
e research teams
e made detailed
, Romania
. Address:
(+4021) 318.15.55

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