The principles of non-discrimination and equality of chances in the Romanian and European law

AuthorIleana Voica
The principles of non-discrimination and equality of chances
in the Romanian and European law
Lecturer Ileana VOICA1
The work starts from the legislative framework of the principles of non-
discrimination and equality of chances between men and women in our country, presenting,
at the same time, synthetically, the public authorities authorized with the application and
control of the application of the law regarding the equality of chan ces. Given the obligation
imposed by the European Directives of the E.U. member states, to modify or update the law
so that all the European citizens would benefit of the same protection against
discrimination, it is also presented a famous case study regarding the ethnic or religious
discrimination The Decision of the Paris Appeal Court of 19th June 2003. This cause
demonstrates the good application by a French civil jurisdiction of the d ispositions
regarding the civil sanctions of the discriminations based on religious beliefs. Ho wever, at
the level of the E. U. member states, in certain cases and fields, the legislative framework is
not always enough to ensure the equality of chances, being necessary changes of menta lity
and behavior, as well as firm and varied political actions, in order to sensitize the involved
public and institution s regarding the significance of the insurance of the application of the
principles of non-discrimination and equality of chances.
Keywords: Non-discriminatio n, equality of chances, the ethnic and religious
discrimination, diversity, conciliation of the professional and private life.
JEL Classification: K10, K33
Romania’s adhering to the European Union on 1st of January 2007 has
supposed a harmonization of the Romanian law with the regulations of the
European law2. The legislative framework of the two principles existed in our
country before the adhering. The law in cause promoted equality of chances
between men and women and non-discrimination.
1 Ileana Voica, Law Department, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania, ileana_voica
2 Octavian Manolache, Drept comunitar (Community law), All Beck Publishing House, Bucharest,
2001, p. 7,8.

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