The Operational Program Administrative Capacity, Strategic Management Tool

AuthorManuela Panaitescu
Performance and Risks in the European Economy
The Operational Program Administrative Capacity, Strategic Management
Manuela Panaitescu1
Abstract: The strateg y of the Operational Program Administrative Capacity addresses the main weaknesses
identified in the public administration and it meets the needs and requirements arising both from the relevant
EU legislation and from the national incident legislation. OPAC is a strate gic reference document for pu blic
administration in Romania, promoting the creation of a modern administration capable of facilitating the
socio-economic development through competitive public services, investment and quality regulations, thereby
contributing to the Europe 2020 objectives. Among the shortcomings of public administration there can be
listed the reduced ability of strategic and financial planning and poor allocation of financial resources,
together with the absence of effective strategic management and human resources. Thus, the financia l
allocation under the OPAC is focused solely on supporting the institutional capacity- of public authorities, on
the priority on investing in institutional capacity and the efficiency of public administrations and public
services for the achievement of reforms, of a better regulation and good administration.
Keywords: European Funds; Public Administration
JEL Classification: O10; O29
1. I ntro duct ion
The Operational Program Administrative Capacity (OPAC) is in line with the general and specific
objectives of the Strategy for Consolidation of the Public Administration (SCPA) 2014-2020 and is
included in the Romanian Partnership Agreement with the European Union.
2. Progra m St ruct ure
The Operational Program consists of three Priority Axes, of which two are operational (covering
respectively strengthening the structures, processes and competencies of the public administration and
improving the delivery of service of the citizen) and one of technical assistance.
Priority Axis one, “Efficient public administration and judicial system” consists of four specific
objectives (Table 1):
- SO 1.1. The development and introduction of common systems and standards in public
1 Senior Lecturer, PhD, Danubius University of Galati, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Romania, Address: 3 Galati Blvd.,
Galati 800654, Romania, Tel.: +40372361102, Fax.: +40372361290, Corresponding author: manuelapanaitescu@ univ-

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