The Need For Environmental Indicators Coverage. The Ecological Footprint

AuthorFlorian Nuta
Modeling Growth between Public Policy and Entrepreneurship
Modeling Growth between Public Policy and
The Need for Environmental Indicators Coverage.
The Ecological Footprint
Florian Nuta1
Abstract: Our paper's aim is to review some of the most relevant indicators describing the environmental
damage and to affirm the need of better understanding and evaluating it. As a result we discuss the ecological
footprint as an improvement in this field and as a more comprehensive and reliable descriptor for environmental
Keywords: environmental indicators; CO2; ecological footprint; environmental damage
It is widely recognized the need of better understanding the complexity and amplitude of
environmental damage (Agostinho, Pereira, 2013). Even if we are talking about greenhouse gases
(CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons), PFCs (perfluorocarbons), SF6 (sulfur
hexafluoride)), deforestation or inappropriate water usage there is still an important amount of damage
insufficiently assessed. This is important because the contingency measures cannot be taken if the
risks are not fully evaluated. The ecological footprint is one of these new indicators developed as a
response to this acute need of knowledge regarding the scale of the environmental damage
(Wacckernagel et al., 2005).
Environmental Indicators - a Review
The variety of environmental indicators show the great interest of academics and decision makers to
understand and acknowledge the critical sustainability issues of our time.
Nevertheless it is hard to choose one single indicator or a category of ecological variables for
assessing the environmental issues. The complexity of environmental issues itself is the first big
impediment for it. The human activity affects the quality of air, water, damages the ozone layer,
contribute to natural resources depletion and so on. That is why a single complex index is hard to
establish and use to describe all the damage we provoke to the environment.
Below is a selection of such indicators for different categories of environmental harm and coverage.
1 Associate Professor, PhD, Department of Economics, Danubius University of Galati, Romania, Address: 3 Galati Blvd.,
Galati 800654, Romania, Tel.: +40372361102, Corresponding author:

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