The Bensberg Mediation Model

AuthorRaluca - Marilena Mihalcioiu
PositionDoctoral School in Management
European Integration -
Doctoral Schoo
The basis of the co
mediation, mediation of a conflic
the authority t o resolve the conf
should be resolved by the parties
are jointly responsible for the so
conflict. The assumption of resp
their decision. Important is that l
need pe
ace. If both parties lose
resolved, will understand each
Conflicts also help to clarify r
developed as a win win solution
mediation; conflict; r
1. Introduction
Mediation (mediation in the conf
of resolving all conflicts. That me
In ancient times there were many
among citizens. Solon was electe
about intermediation problems in
and Latin and means: intercession
have had special social recognitio
family or work. Confucianism
arbitration has taken place outsid
The reason for that was the ine
dispute responsibility. A Japane
having a victory". Archival activ
Peace of Westphalia in 1648 had
known in France during the Fr
conciliation councils for economi
lities and Perspectives
The Bensberg Mediation Model
Raluca - Marilena Mihalcioiu
ool in Management, ralucamarilena@googlemail.c
conflict through the mediation represents the objectives an
flict. The conflict will not be disclosed to others, but the partie
nflict, the confl
ict among themselves with the help of a medi
ies with help of a third party. The parties in conflict (it may be
solut ion. They seek together a way that leads to
esponsibility in this process strengthens the confidence and t
at losers usually have no peace, because they are out for reveng
lose, remains disappointing, with the understanding of whic
ch other b etter developed. Reconciliation is therefore a l
y roles. The paper present
s Bensberg Model of Mediation
on and his possible implementation in Romanian schools.
t; reconciliation; settlement
onflict), original
ly from USA, is recognized as a g
mediation has a millennial tradition intercultural, h
any specialists whose responsibility was to restore
cted as a mediator and leader of Athens. Aristotle an
in cases of conflict. The word "mediation" has its o
ion, t
o be neutral, impartial. In Asia, the methods of
ition. In China mediation largely replaces justice in
m requires harmony. Important is to find a com
side the courtroom and has kept the role from ancie
inefficiency in the judiciary. Mediation requires
nese prover
b says: "to maintain a friendship is m
ctivities on mediation are recorded in Europe sinc
had as mediator Alvice Contarini (Knight, envoy o
ars. Conciliation in the conflict between husband an
French Revolution and in the nineteenth century
mic conflicts.
and procedures of
rties will be credited
ediator. The dispute
be several persons)
m settlement of the
d the importance of
enge. Winners don’t
hich the conflict is
a longer
-term goal.
ion, because this is
a great alternative form
, has for many no more
re peacefu
l coexistence
and Plato have written
ts origins in both Greek
of intervening in court
in the social conflicts,
. In Japan,
cient times until today.
s and gives parties in
s more important than
ince the Middle Ages.
y of Venice). To find a
and wife were already
ury England had even

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