The Insights on Polish E-Commerce - The Present State and Proposed Solutions

AuthorJanusz Grabara, Bartlomiej Okwiet, Paula Bajdor
Performance and Risks in the European Economy
The Insights on Polish E-Commerce The Present State and Proposed
Janusz Grabara1, Bartłomiej Okwiet2, Paula Bajdor3
Abstract: The main objectives of this papers is to presented the current state of Ecommerce in Poland,
together with the current state description and future development. Ecommerce sector is continuously
spreading and its tools and techniques are used by both businesses and individuals. While in the case of
individual physical entities, the polish government does not give any specific proposals, but in relation to the
company, national efforts are aimed at even greater dissemination of Ecommerce in everyday business. While
94% of Polish companies have access to the Internet, only 65% of them have their own websites. And having
an own website is a very first step to use the possibility of Ecommerce. This article focuses on the
characteristics of Polish Ecommerce industry, but also presents visible trends, with emphasis on the E-point,
as a tool, that has a strong impact on supporting the development of Ecommerce industry in Poland.
Keywords: Internet; enterprises; Ecommerce; E-Point
JEL Classification: L86; L81; L96
1 Introduction
The common use of the internet and its services, is increasingly linked with our lives. At the same time
the role of the Internet in business increases. Small and medium-sized enterprises, that actively use the
Internet tools, are able to quickly increase revenues and employment, and obtain greater reach and
exports. 95% of companies have Internet access, and two-thirds has its own website, although it is
mainly used for the presentation of its products and services without possibility to sell online4. More
and more people see the company through the prism of its website. Not having an own website has a
negative impact on the credibility of the company. But the data shows that, unfortunately, not all
companies see the potential of this channel. The economic importance of the Internet is quite
important, as a communication and information environment, that enables the capture of information
on trade offer, exchange of opinions and recommendations. The Internet has become a crucial source
1Professor, PhD, Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland, Address: Dabrowskiego 69, 42-201, Czestochowa, Poland,
Tel.: +48 34 3250 388, E-mail:
2 PhD student, Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland, ddress: abrowskiego 69, 42 -201 Czestochowa, Poland, Tel.:
+48 34 3250 388, E-mail:
3 P hD. Czestochowa University of Technology, Dabrowskiego 69, 42 -201 Czestochowa, Poland, Tel.: +48 34 3250 388,
4 Społeczeństwo informacyjne w Polsce/ Information Society in Poland 2013, Warszawa, p. 2-12.

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