The Importance of the Public Administration Reform in Kosovo

AuthorValon Krasniqi, Ylber Aliu
The European Citizen and Public Administration
The Importance of the Public Administration Reform in Kosovo
Valon Krasniqi1, Ylber Aliu2,
Abstract: In the former communist countries in general, and in Kosovo in particular, public administration
had its problems, and remains part of th e past failed system. Responsible and transparent public
administration, is not only a prerequisite for proper functioning of the country, but is fundamental whereby the
government implements its plans and strategies! Because of this importance, public administration reform and
its part that are considered problematic is essential for a functional and efficient relation between the state
administration, civil society and the private sector. A well-functioning of these reports has a positive effect for
poverty reduction, peace and stability. In d evelopment countries and transition economies, the importance of
public administration performance is key in strengthening administrative public sector and management
capacity building. In this research we are going to use qualitative methods. Analysis of data collection will be
done based on scien tific publications, research in this field, various international and local reports, field
strategies, laws. Conclusion o f this paper is that, modern, p rofessional and functional public administration is
important for clarity and development of the country.
Keywords: Kosovo; Public Administration; Reform; Development; Precondition
1. Introduction
Functional Public administration is Precondition for development
This is the main thesis of the paper. All the following work argues this thesis. The variables of this
thesis are: independent variable 'functional administration', which affects the dependent variable
'precondition for development'. So, a prerequisite for the development of a country is functioning
public administration. This is a cause-effect link which will be discussed in this paper.
The paper is divided into two parts. In the first part, we elaborate on theoretical aspect the role of
public administration in the context of the precondition for development, focusing on the differences
and similarities between public functional administration and good features of the public functional
administration. While, in the second part, we elaborate in practical aspect the process of public
administration reform in Kosovo, focusing on problems, and chronological aspect, and the role of this
administration in strengthening the authority of the state.
1 PhD Candidate, South East European University, Republic of Macedonia, Address: Ilin denska n.335, 1200 Tetovo,
Republic of Macedonia, Corresponding author:
2 PhD Candidate, South East European University, Republic of Macedonia, Address: Ilindenska n.335, 1200 Tetovo,
Republic of Macedonia, E-mail:

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