The Importance of Communication and Information Securement. Cambridge Analytica Case

AuthorAna Maria Raluca Pauna, Cornelia Tureac
European Integration - Realities and Perspectives. Proceedings 2018
The Importance of Communication and Information Securement.
Cambridge Analytica Case
Ana Maria Raluca Păuna1, Cornelia Tureac2,
Abstract: This paper aims to emphasize the role of securing communication and information in the 21st
century as an answer to the issue of globalization. The new concept of Enterprise Intelligence aims to manage
the information flow. This represents an umbrella for the countless information solutions based on IT for a
better order, structuring and accessing of internal information flow, of working flows, and of management
information systems backed by tools.
Keywords: enterprise intelligence; business intelligence; practical business in politics
JEL Classification: D83; F23; J28
1. Introduction
Securit has been increasingly present as a vital component in any field and it has evolved during the
last 10 years as an answer to the issue of globalization (through Big Brother). The shift in paradigm
and the subsequent evolution of technology have brought about new concepts such as: security without
borders, cloud computing, big data, mobility, etc. Information is transient and elusive and is often not
checked against various sources, which is why the processing power to filter and analyze big amounts
of data is constantly growing. A central aspect is what an information system should be able to do,
taking into account that it is often challenged by the functional requirements of interested parties such
as users and managers. Other aspects, such as the defining the information system without mentioning
what is should do, are demanded as nonfunctional requirements.
2. Enterprise Intelligence or information flow management
As information systems are developed and used in many fields of our modern society, they must often
undertake one of the aspects related to safety or security. A growing tendency of interconnecting such
information systems also creates the need to consider both aspects for the same systems, that is safety
and security. See the Intelligent Business, a new concept known as Enterprise Intelligence
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1MA student, Communication Department, Danubius University Galati, Address: 3 Gala ti Blvd., Galati 800654, Romania,
Tel.: +40372361102, Student at Gr. T. Popa Medicine and Pharmacy University, Iasi, E-mail: tureaccornelia@univ-
2 Associate Professor, PhD, Danubius University of Galati, Romania, Address: 3 Galati Blvd., Galati 800654, Romania, Tel.:
+40372361102, E-mail:

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