The hungarian regulation on the emission trading system

Author:Zoltán Nagy - Beáta Gergely
Position:Associate Professor, PhD, Institute of Public Law, University of Miskolc (e-mail: - PhD Candidate, Institute of Public Law, University of Miskolc (e-mail:
Zoltán NAGY
Nowadays the role of the environmental protection is increasingly becoming one of the main topics in
the politics. During the last decades several emission trrading systems were established around the
world. The study analyses the importance of the Paris Climate Conference, the development of the most
significant systems and the current situation on the field of th e emission trading system. The study
highlightes also the problems relating to the emission trading systems. The second part of the study
deals with the Hungarian emission trading system. It introduces the legislative framework and the
sanction system.
Keywords: environmental protection, emission trading system, cap and trade system,
greenhouse gases, Hungarian regulation on the emission trading system
1. Introduction
The issues connecting to
environmental protection and global
warming are the most significant challenges
of the 21st century. The decesion - makers
are dealing with those challanges both at
international and national level. In this paper
the authors focus on the legal aspects of the
emission trading systems a nd intend to
introduce both the European Union’s and the
Hungarian regulations on the emission
trading system. The subject of the paper is
mainly the introduction of the e mission
trading systems. These systems play a very
important role in the fight against climate
change. The European U nion is at the
forefront in this fight and its system
provided as an example for the world.
Hungary is a Member State of the EU, so the
The Hungarian regulation on the e mission
system forms an integral
part of the Europram Union’s emission
trading system. T herefore the examination
Associate Professor, PhD, Institute of Public Law, University of Miskolc (e-mail:
 PhD Candidate, Institute of Public Law, University of Miskolc (e-mail:
of the EU’s regulation is essential in order to
be able analyse the Hungarian reg ulation.
The emission trading systems were analysed
by many other authors too, but this paper
endeavours to introduce the EU’s, the
Hungarian system and the other emission
trading systems around the world.
This research was (partially) carried
out in the fra mework of the Center of
Excellence of Mechatronics and Logistics at
the University of Miskolc.
2. The European Union’s Regulation
In the framework of the European
Climate Change Program the Commission
has developed its own regulatio n for the
EU’s own trading system. The legal basis of
the system is the Directive 2003/87/EC,
which came into force on 1 January 2005.
This system is the world’s biggest cap and
trade system, it covers 12.000 businesses
and consists of the following elements:
authorisation of emission, follow up for

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