The human rights and the terrorism

Author:Hamidreza Rafiei Fanood - Saeid Azoogh
Position:Faculty member of Islamic Azad University of Zahedan, Iran - A graduate student of Basic Law; Islamic Azad University of Zahedan, Iran
The human rights and the terrorism
Dr. Hamidreza Rafiei FANOOD
Student Saeid AZOOGH
Abstrac t
Regardi ng Human rights ha s been emphasized by go vernments throu gh universal
decla ration human rights and its vio lations faced the glob al reaction in any ca se. From this
perspect ive; t he necessit y o f o bserving hu man rights agai nst terrorism h as b een
emphasize d by man y resoluti ons of the General Assembl y, th e Securit y Counci l and many
region al resolutio ns. Bu t, t oday especia lly after th e Sep tember 11 events and America
unil ateral attack s by resort ing to human rig hts and of course by consid ering th e lack of
intern ational ag reement on the norms, strateg ies and princip les of h uman rights, the
campaig n ag ainst terrorism has starte d on th e basi s of its obligat ions, regardless to existing
norms. So it w ould be sa id th at t oday; the wa r aga inst t errorism more than any other
terrorist atta cks threa tens the secu rity an d human right s. However, hu man rig hts
framework has neve r prevented effective an d legiti mate actio ns to the t errorist attack s. In
other words; in th e human right framework , there is no con flic t with the campa ign agai nst
terrorism, i t empha sizes on identi fyin g and fighti ng an d even it gua rantees the effectiven ess
of su ch a fight. As a result, Human right s violat ions a t the ex pense of sec urity, certainl y
associa ted with th e destruction of bo th.
Keywords: human righ ts, te rrorism, 1 1 September, region al an d in ternation al
conven tions and org anizatio ns.
JEL Cla ssification: K10, K33
1. Introduction
Terrorism; which one of its features is human rights abuse, has been
condemned since its emergence. In fact; terrorism and its impact on human rights is
nothing new. Even before World War II, efforts to show the challenges posed by
terrorism in international law and human rights have taken place. Terrorism is a
crime against humanity. However, terrorism is in contrast to human rights.
Committing such a crime creates a universal jurisdiction, and such perpetrators
should be prosecuted in any part of the world.
By testing the research hypotheses, the following goals will be included in
this chapter:
1. Examining the conventions and the international and regional
organizations associated with human rights
Hamidreza Rafiei Fanood - Faculty member of Islamic Azad U niversity of Z ahedan, Iran,
Saeid Az oogh - A graduate st udent of Basic Law; Islamic A zad University of Zahedan, Iran,

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