Security In The Extended Black Sea Region As A Means Of Further European Integration

AuthorAlexandru Teodoru
PositionStudent, Danubius University of Galati, Faculty of Communication Sciences and International Relations, Romania
The Youth of Toda y - The Generation of the Global Development
Security in the Extended Black Sea Region
as a Means of Further European Integration
Alexandru Teodoru
Abstract: The objective of this paper is to highlight the importance of the security aspect in tod ay‘s
international relations scene, through the eyes of the European Union and put emphasis on the micro-level of
security in order to achieve a higher level of security, at a macro-level. This paper relates to other work in this
field by the fact that it raises up serious questions about european integration through the security aspect. The
approach used in this paper was mainly a observational one, trying to point out the strong and weak points of
the european system and to sketch out a possible direction for further european integration. The results, or
conclusion of this paper is that integration can be achieved in the security department at a higher level by
firstly doing so at a micro-level, in this particular case, in the extended Black Sea region. This paper is
original through the fact that is whises to point out the importance of each individual in the complex structure
that is the European Union.
Keywords: European Union; globalisation; security instruments; international conflicts; micro-level
1 Introduction
Security in international relations has become a subject of discussion more and more frequently
addressed and important between international actors, especially in the contemporary international
relations system, where terrorist attacks, the political instability of states, authoritarian regimes and the
desire of national and ethnical affirmation can be seen more and more often.
Nowadays, the Black Sea region is, in essence, the intersection of four different geopolitical dynamics.
The first two dynamics are based on the interests of the two powerful states in the region, Turkey and
Russia. Apart from these two, we add many countries included in the European Neighbourhood
Policy. The United States, however, sees the region as a gateway to deploy its policies in the Middle
East and Eurasia. The Black Sea became a crossroads of the four parties involved, Turkey, Russia, the
United States and the European Union. As a result, security and stability in the Black Sea have
reverberations throughout the Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian area.
2 The European Union
In the context of the European continent, the European Union plays an important role in forming and
making policies that address matters related to security, even in states that are not me mbers of the
1Student, Danubius University of Galati, Faculty of Communication Sciences and International Relations, Romania, Address:
3 Galati Blvd, 800654 Galati, Romania, Tel.: +40372361102, Fax: +40372361290, Corresponding author:

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