The European Projects in the Support of Albanian's VET

AuthorErmira Kastriot Sela
Social Innovation and Social Economy
The European Projects in the Support of Albanian’s VET
Ermira Sela1
Abstract: The main objectives of Albanian society are economic development and integration into the
European Union. These aspirations need the acceleration of structural reforms that will allow to Albania
to be adapted to modern societies. In th is contest, the improvement on the role played by education,
especially b y VET system, is very important for the economic and social development of the country.
Generally, VET is seen as a key factor in the economic growth because he equips people with the skills
needed to be p rotagonists in the labor market. This s ystem in Albania has undergone toward many
changes in structure and content, with the aim of improving his approach to the requirements of the labor
market. However, to provide a vocational education of high quality it’s important to invest more in it, but
the Albanian investments in this sector are among the lowest. In these conditions, the partnership with EU
offers a great opportunity for the country to develop the VET system. This paper tries to show how has
Albania used the opportunities that derive from integration process. The method used is qualitative. In
consideration are taken the reports, studies and statistics get into the sector of vocational education.
Keywords: vocational education; unemployment; labor market; European Union
JEL Classification: I2; I29
1. Introduction
The development of globalization and changes in technology has transformed the world of work. In
order to be competitive in the global market a country needs qualified workforce. So, more and more
the emphasis is placed on the importance that human capital has on the economic growth. For these
reasons, it is given greater significance to vocational education. He represents a field of education,
which includes all those programs that are related to the development of specific skills for work.
(Billet, 2011, p. 6). Precisely this is his main purpose the identification of the necessary knowledge,
which increases effectiveness in a particular profession. Numerous studies have shown its positive
effects. Within the socioeconomic dimension the benefits that vocational education brings to society
are associated with: reducing unemployment, improving labor market, improving social cohesion,
increasing productivity, improving the quality of life, etc.2
VET help in the sustainable youth employment, because in comparison with other education and
training systems, is closest to the labor market, something that facilitates the transition of young
people at work. So, it is seen as a tool to mitigate youth unemployment, which constitutes one of the
main problems of the current societies. The latest data onto the European level indicate that, graduates
1 Student, University of Tirana, Albania, Address: Bulevardi Zogu I, Tiranë, Albania, Tel.: 00355 69 3377371,
Corresponding author:
2Cedefop. (2011). Research paper no 10, The benefits of vocational education and training. pg.7

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