The Emerging Digital Age and Copyright Protection in Nigeria: The Need To Strategize

AuthorFabian Odoh - Godwin Emeka Ngwu
PositionPrincipal Partners, (Odoh Nwodoh & Associates), N0 101 Enugu Road Nsukka, Enugu State Nigeria - Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), Enugu State Nigeria
The Emerging Digital Age and Its Legal
Impacts on Copyright Protection in
Nigeria: The Need to Strategize
Fabian Odoh
, Godwin Emeka Ngwu
Abstract: This work examined the legal impacts of the emerging digital age on copyright protection
in Nigeria with a view to suggesting ways forward. A cursory look at the level of technological
advancement will reveal that new technologies are pushing the older ones into extinction,which has
been witnessed in every sphere of human endeavor. It is observed that unauthorized users are
assailing protected work with impunity, hence no corresponding legal sophistication to keep to the
pace of the advancement in Nigeria. This work adopted a descriptive and analytical design o f which
reliance was placed on primary and secondary data. It has equally exposed the inadequacies of the
extant copyright law in Nigeria with a view to determining if th e present legal regime can effectively
address the emerging issues accompanying the emerging digital age. It is revealed that the Nigerian
government has refused to pay deserved attention to its creative industry which has adverse
implication on the economy because aspiring creators will always look up to incentives.
Keywords: Digital age; copyright protection; Digitalization; Copyright regime; infringement
1. Introduction
Garner (2009, p. 361) defines Copyright as an intangible incorporeal right granted
by statute to the author or originator of certain literary or artistic productions
whereby he is vested for a limited period with the sole and exclusive privilege of
multiplying copies of the same, publishing and selling them.According to Adegoke
(2011, p.19) copyright means the exclusive right of ownership conferred on the
creator of a copyrighted work. Intellectual property is in two major aspects, the
first one is the Industrial property which comprises Trademarks, and Patents and
Designs,while the second category is the Copyright.
Principal Partners, (Odoh Nwodoh & Associates), N0 101 Enugu Road Nsukka, Enugu State
Nigeria, Corresponding author:
Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Enugu State Un iversity of Science and Technolo gy (ESUT), Enugu State
Nigeria, E-mail: AUDJ, Vol. 15, No. 3/2019, pp. 73-87

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