The Effects It Has Had The Romanian Accession To The European Union on Trading Policy

AuthorAlexandru-George Marcu, Alexandru-Narcis Serban
European Integration - Realities and Perspectives. Proceedings 2016
The Effects It Has Had the Romanian Accession to the European Union on
Trading Policy
Alexandru-George Marcu 1, Alexandru-Narcis Serban2
Abstract: It reveals th at imports have increased in the last decade compared to exports, which had an
importance quite special, and taken the fact that for two decades, every year, the trade balance of Romania
was deficient in terms of exports and politics foreign trade. Moreover, the balance h as increased
exponentially in recent times.
Keywords: export; import; commercial ballance
1. Introduction
The purpose of this paper is to put in perspective the trade policy before and after Romania's accession
to the European Union as well as the impact felt by the variation of prices both in foreign trade and
domestic trade, advantages and disadvantages of Romania's convergence to EU trade policy. This
paper has particular importance given that these changes affect us at both macroeconomic and
microeconomic level. The aim of the study is to weigh trade policies post - accession and pre-
accession and to analyze the economic impact. We aim to show the consequences that has had or
would have had to have positively on the balance of payments and trade policy on post accession, and
multilateral and regional commercial effect. We are interested to watch and to prove if there was
positive impact on the role of economic diplomacy and the role of economic policy abroad for
promoting and sustaining economic interests and trade sectors, Romanian public and private externally
and increasing contribution to attracting foreign investments in Romania and expand cooperation with
foreign partners on third party markets.
In the paper by Octavian Gh. Botez and Madalina Militaru entitled “Politica Comercială A României
În Perioada De Pre Și Postaderare la Uniunea Europeană/ Romania's trade policy in the pre and post
EU accession. It is highlighted the economic and commercial impact it had Romania's integration
into the European Union on 1st January 2007. In another work of Octavian Gh. Botez, called
"Romania's trade balance - annually two decades’ deficit balance" written with Simona Corina Gudei
reveals that Romania's trade balance was poor, moreover, this deficit is growing.
1Student, Danubius University of Galati, Romania, Address: 3 Galati Blvd., Galati 800654, Romania, Tel.: +40372361102,
Corresponding author:
2Student, Danubius University of Galati, Romania, Address: 3 Galati Blvd., Galati 800654, Romania, Tel.: +40372361102,
Corresponding author:

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