The Effect of Tourism on the Environment. Case of Study in the District of Pogradec, Albania

AuthorDenada Olli
Performance and Risks in the European Economy
The Effect of Tourism on the Environment.
Case of Study in the District of Pogradec, Albania
Denada Olli1
Abstract: Nowadays tourism is considered as a quality development of the tourist industry related both to the
goods and to the services being offered and also to the organization and to the leading of the tourism itself. The
increasing trend of the touristic flow and also the development of many tourist attractions have made it
necessary the need of the use of the touristic tools in order to be successful. Therefore, tourism obtains a lot of
meanings: it is a summary of relationships and occurrences of two different characters: the social and also the
economical one; the last gets the priority. Regardless the aspect, tourism brings benefits. Nowadays it is closely
connected to the environment where it operates. Even though they are closely related, tourism and the
environment seem to be controversial to each other. The quality of the environment is an important part of the
product that the tourism offers, but at the same time many acti vities which are related to this industry might
bring undesirable effects on the environment. In this way the development should not be considered as
something independent but as closely related to the environment. Tourism has the potential to increase the
public awareness to the importance of the environment. This may lead to many activities done to protect the
environment and to the consciousness needed on its benefits. In this way, tourism may contribute to the
protection of the environment and also to the right use of the natural resources.
Key words: natural resources; quality of the environment; nature protection; environment; tourism
JEL classification: Z32
Based on a study the aim of this paper is to:
Identify the impacts and the affect of the tourism on the environment by minimizing the negative
impacts and by maximizing the positive ones.
Identify the economical benefits of the tourism, the way they contribute to the protection of the
environment and also the role it plays in the awareness that the society should obtain in order to
keep the environment safe.
Show that the uncontrolled tourism brings the environmental degradation.
The Methodology of the Research
The research was based on the information gathered from the primary and secondary data. The primary
data was obtained by the questionnaire, by interviewing the residents, the businessmen and also the
tourists who visit these destinations, in order to understand the importance of the environment and
tourism in their community. 100 questionnaires were used on the behalf of this study. It was an easy
1PhD candidate, University “Fan σoli” of Korça, Korça, Albania, Address: Bulevardi Rilindasit 11, Korçë, Albania, Tel.:
++35569 7351969, fax no ++355 82 242230, Corresponding author:

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