The Deformed Politicization of the Public Administration in Albania

AuthorKozeta Vuksanlekaj
Abstract: Although there are many studies regarding the public administration and the civil service,
the novelty of this paper stands in the fact that the observations of a civil servant with a long experience
in the public administration are focused in the negative consequences of “militancy” and the “deformed
politicization” of the public administration. This paper is specific because it is focused in the study of
concrete cases of the relationship between civil servants and the political leaders with the aim of finding
solutions that will fight corruptive and militant behaviours in the public administration. For this reason,
this research will bring innovation to the field of scientific research. Militancy in Albania is the main
factor that prevents the formation of a stable and professional public administration with capable people
of integrity who are devoted to serve the public. Reality has witnessed that “militancy” in Albania has
turned the public administration into a shelter for the suvival of people who are professionally
uncapable. It has turned it into a tool for political parties to reward activitistsfor their support in electoral
campaigns and into a source of corruption.
Keywords: militancy; civil service; civil servant; political functionary
1. Introduction
To write a research pa per, you have to firstly touch the wound of the reality of the
topic you have chosen. Then you should try to analyse the causes of this reality,
trying to always put in front new ideas and suggestions on how to contribute in
healing this reality which is affected by these negative phenomena. For this reason,
the main topic of this research will be the problem of militantism, which even after
27 years of attempting to instill democratic values, remains an issue of the public
administration in Albania.
1 Head of Procurements and Projects, The Regional Council of Shkodra, PhD candidate, Juristic
Faculty, University of Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo, Address: St.Migjeni, Apartment 1015, 1st Floor,
Entrance 1, Shkoder, Republic of Kosovo, E-mail:
AUDJ, Vol. 15, No. 1/2019, pp. 34-50
The Deformed Politicization of the Public
Administration in Albania
In this work, several questions are discussed. A few of them being: Why the civil
servants should be independent from politics? W hy t he deformed politicization is
harming the public administration? How militantism was born in Albania? Which
are the main responsiblities of the public administration in Albania? Thus, the focus
of this paper is to explore the consequences of militantism in the public
administration in Albania and to analyze the reasons behind the development of this
negative phenomenon after the 90s when the country had just started to set the
foundations of a democratic sta te. A taskthat was not easy for a country that had to
experience 50 years of the cruelest dictatorship in an isolated socialism which
brought poverty and changed the human essence. Indeed, there were a number of
reforms in Albania, but the main part of the public administration, specifically “the
civil service” continues to be in the in the hands of corruption and militantism.
Compared with other developed democratic states that in certain periods have dealt
with the phenomenon of militantism, sanctioning the will of political leaders with
laws for the employment of militants in the public administration, Albania has a very
unique case. Albania has a unique case because the law of the civil service has
sanctioned for 22 years, starting in 1996, the implementation of the merit principle
to recruit the staff of the public administration. This being said, our country has a set
of laws with very high standards. But the main problem in Albania remains the
implementation of the law”. For this reason, this paper is not going to be focused
on analyzing the content of the law of the civil service, but on the issue of laws not
being implemented.
By observing the relationship between political leaders and the civil servant, and
exploring the roots of militantism in Albania, it is aimed to encourage the writing of
laws for the depoliticization of the public administration in accordance with t he
historic, political, social and economic context of our country. The analization of
facts is the best experiment to discover the unchanged regulations and to find the key
of the negative phenomena that trouble the society in its whole and the public
administration specifically.
The legal reforms of the civil service in the developed democratic states for
eradication of the deformed politicization in the public administration should be
studied and carefully examined. But they should never be used by the albanian
legislator because the historical timeline of the development of democracy and the
cause of the birth of militantism in these countries are very different from the reality
and the history of how militantism was born in Albania.

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