The Crime of Bribery

AuthorPaula Nastase
Position1st year Student, Faculty of Law, Danubius University of Danubius, Danubius University of Galati, Romania
European Integration - Realities and Perspectives. Proceedings 2020
The Crime of Bribery
Paula Nastase1
Abstract: The study analyzes corruption offenses from a dual perspective - both synchronic and
diachronic, based on the regulations of the Criminal Law Convention on Corruption. Thus, the crime of
bribery is subject to discussion, emphasizing the novelty aspects regulated by the new Criminal Code,
especially regarding the non-incrimination in the form of a crime distinct from bribery of receiving
undue benefits and non-criminalization of bribery by non-rejection of the proposal from t he old
Criminal Code. Preventing and combating corruption as a whole, especially bribery, are not only
desired, they are more than that, an urgent, first-rate necessity of human society.
Keywords: murder; bribery; preliminary requirements; the content of constituents; forms of crime;
“Nothing is more dangerous for the conscience of a people
than the sight of corruption and rewarded nullity.”
(Eminescu, 1985, p. 124)
During its development, the company gained a certain experience, which led to the formation of rules
to ensure its development. Any social activity is carried out based on rules.
The necessity of these rules is imposed in the interpersonal relations, due to the fact that in the
accomplishment of an activity, several categories of people participate, each of them having different
roles in the good development of the respective action.
The society is for each individual, for each of its members, the framework that ensures its existence and
development, in that each has its own statute which sums up all the rights and obligations that the society
grants or claims from each. (Diaconescu, 2004, p. 1)
Within the relationship life, the social life, the conduct (action) of each member is assessed, evaluated
by the other members of the society and considered ˝convenient or unsuitable˝ for them or the social
group built as it harmonizes or comes into conflict with them. (Dongoroz, 2000, p. 7).
Among those inappropriate actions of members of contemporary society there is corruption, which in
general terms means deviation from morality, duty and within it, bribery is the most serious and
dangerous act of corruption, which underestimates, dynamites, even destroys the very existence of
organized society, of the state.
1 1st year Student, Faculty of Law, Danubius University of Danubius, Danubius University of Galati, Romania, Address: 3
Galati Blvd., 800654 Galati, Romania, Tel.: +40372361102, Fax: +40372361290, Corresponding author:

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